BANGALORE CHOIR – Cadence (2010)

It has been 18 years since BANGALORE CHOIR’s only release “On Target” in 1992, unfortunately, at the dawn of the grunge movement during a time where melodic / hard rock acts would soon be swept on the back burner in favor of musical faire such as Nirvana, Mudhoney, etc.
On Target was the perfect collection of catchy rock that would have made them legends in the Los Angeles music scene and beyond.
The band featured an amazing front man named David Reece, who was once the lead vocalist for Accept (on Eat The Heat).
Bangalore Choir’s songs had hit potential written all over them and should have been played all over rock radio.

Reece would return in 2007 with various new bands (GYPSY ROSE) and an idea to release the next big R’N’R edition to the Bangalore Choir saga.
And in 2010, they are back on target and ready to roll with a brand spankin’ new album entitled “Cadence”.
The new record continues with the blistering guitars, pounding rhythms and big hooky choruses of the debut.

“Power Trippin” presents a punchy riff, where Reece combines with the guitars a massive slab of smooth, yet abrasive melodic hard rock tune.
“Living Your Dreams Everyday” shows that Bangalore Choir are just as capable at bringing a looser, rough and ready vibe without losing any of their infectious melody.
“Heart Attack” grooves into tons of singalong fun and huge chorus vocals.
“Survival of the Fittest” is a kickass powerful song, a dark and heavy reflection of our times.
“Living Your Dreams” is a super cool ballad that could easily make modern radio and remains faithful to the classic Bangalore sound.

The likes of “Martyr” takes us on a more restrained journey that relies on a joyous chorus, however it is the double punch of “Sweet Temptation” and “Spirits Too They Bleed” that really hit home.
The former has the most insistent sing along chorus on the album, but still retains a depth that songs this memorable seldom have the right to, while the latter’s slow building spiral riff locks into an infectious groove that just refuses to let go.

“Cadence” features stellar guitar guests and co-writers: Christian Tolle (solo on “High On The Clouds”), Martin Kronlund (Overland, Gypsy Rose, Salute) and mastermid Tommy Denander.
As all the best albums tend to, Cadence reveals its true strength over numerous listens and what, at first appeared to be a solid set of songs, slowly grows into one of the best melodic hard rock releases of the year.


01. Wahzoo City
02. Power Trippin
03. Martyr
04. Livin Your Dreams
05. Survival Of The Fittest
06. Tomorrow
07. Heart Attack And Vine
08. Still Have A Song To Sing
09. Dig Deep
10. Never Say Goodbye
11. Sweet Temptation
12. High On The Clouds
13. Spirits Too The Bleed
14. Surrender All Your Love

David Reece – Vocals
Curt Mitchell – Guitar
Andy Susemihl – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Danny Greenberg – Bass
Hans Zandt – Drums
Christian Tolle – Guitar, Songwriting
Martin Kronlund – Guitar, Songwriting
Tommy Denander – Guitar, Songwriting
Tommy Bloch – Backing Vocals


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