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PRIME SUSPECT is a new melodic rock combo formed by Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermolli and Dario Ciccioni, 3 Italian musicians who came to the attention of the Melodic Rock crowd thanks to their performances on the three KHYMERA releases.
Liverani, the most experienced musician of the lot, had a long career in the Italian HR/HM scene releasing albums with the Prog Metal groups EMPTY TREMOR and TWINSPIRITS and also with the GENIUS Rock Opera in 3 chapters, showcasing an international all star cast of singers including Daniel Gildenlow (Pain of Salvation), Mark Boals, DC Cooper (ex Royal Hunt) and many more.

Since the KHYMERA last two albums saw the bulk of the songwriting from the brothers Tom and James Martin, Liverani started to put together some Melodic Rock tracks which could live on the quality of arrangement and performance of the previous KHYMERA releases.
“The awesome songwriting of the Martin Brothers for the Khymera albums I’ve been arranging and producing inspired me a lot and that’s why I decided to accept the challenge of writing some original material in the more Melodic Rock style” says Daniele Liverani presenting the new album.

“ I would say that Prime Suspect is a combination of what I’ve been learining with Khymera and my personal style and I have been thrilled with the result…
It’s been very refreshing to work on this record, and it’s been awesome as usual to work all the musicians involved, that provided great performances and the right sound for this new challenge”.
“Basically there’s a lot of classic melodic rock inside the tunes” tells Liverani.

After a few demos, the three musicians started looking for a suitable singer who could gel with the material written and the search was over when Olaf Senkbeil, fron the german band DREAMTIDE, came into the picture.
The icing on the cake was offered by the Swedish songwriter Christian Wolff (On The Rise, Johnny Lima, Mecca) who contributed with two songs “What Do You Want” and “It Could’ve Been You” for the amazing final result.

A really good debut album which offers a contemporary and European sounding / flavoured Melodic Rock, which is granted to appeal to the fans of KHYMERA, LAST AUTUMN’S DREAM and class Melodic Rock / AOR music.

01 – What Do You Want?
02 – I’ll Be Fine
03 – Change This World
04 – I Never Knew
05 – I Would Like To Reach The Sun
06 – It Could’ve Been You
07 – Hear Me Calling
08 – Deep In My Heart
09 – So Strange
10 – Watch Me

Daniele Liverani : Keyboards, Guitars
Tommy Ermolli : Guitars
Dario Ciccioni : Drums
Mauro Catellani : Bass
Olaf Senkbeil (Dreamtide) : Vocals


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  1. DEEMON says:

    muito adorei essa banda.

  2. Anonymous says:

    excelente amigos… muchas gracias a ustedes…. todo aqui es garantido… muy buen gusto para estas cosas !!!!
    gracias… GAMEXXANE

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