COLDSPELL – Out From The Cold (2011)

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Coldspell’s debut in 2009 had created a stir in rock circles, received stunning reviews all over the world and was on several album “toplists” for that year.

The band was formed in 2005 by guitarist and songwriter Michael Larsson, (who was previously with the band R.A.W.) with his former bandmate (and also former Dalton member) bass player Anders Lindmark.

To their brand new second album “Out From The Cold” has slightly changed their approach, sounding much more european, with a harder edge but with huge melodies and catchy hooks.

If you remember on their debut the powerful tuneful vocals of Niklas Swedentorp made you take notice, now they return to the forefront once more.

But the real star of this recording is Michael Larsson’s guitar job. He proves here to be a fret burner of true talent. His tone, classy powerful riffing and impactful solos are simply top notch.

Backed by the tasteful keyboard/Hammond playing of Matti Eklund, the unfussy, solid bass work from Anders Lindmark and the uncluttered, yet colourful drumming of Perra Johanson and you really have a line up of musicians that just oozes class.

Joining the guys as stellar guest is Europe’s Ian Haugland adding a few drums.

The album was mixed by Tommy Hansen, who has twiddled the dials for Helloween, TNT, Pretty Maids and Jorn among others. He does a fantastic job here.

Opening track “Heroes” is a beast of a song, easily a match for anything off the debut. A blistering hard rocker with a tremendous riff.

“Run For Your Life” has a very groovy feel, the vocals steal the show with an incredible range that hasn’t been heard in a new vocalist in quite a while.

“One In A Million” is a sing along track with a great vibe and tasty chops.

“Six Feet Under” sees the band going to an ’80s avenue, reminiscent of various classic scandinavian bands.

“Time” is a racy track that grown into something rather splendid after repeated listens. Another very eighties tune featuring a very good drumming provided by Perra Johanson.

The midtempo pace of “Save Our Souls” is undoubtedly retro too, just listen the hammond and the backing vocals.

“The King” slows things down and shows the chops of not only the band’s instrumental skills, but their songwriting as well. This intense, pumped mid-eighties NWOBHM melodic ballad is one of the highlights. A spine tingling slower number that certainly doesn’t lack punch.

Then “Fate” goes back in time again. A hard rocker with tons of old school Hammond organ. Good.

“Seven Wonders” is another winner. An ultra-catchy, commercial melodic rock with an impressive upper high chorus and noticeable guitar lead. Much in the vein of the last Treat album.

“Angel Eyes” is another ride back to the ’80s, a midtempo with an amazing howling guitar solo.

“Heading For Tomorrow” is a great Whitesnakesque groovy rocker. A meaty effort with a cool selection of riffs and keyboards to sink your teeth into.

The album closer “Out From The Cold” is the heavier track of the album. Some kind of Blue Murder on steroids, with double drums and some twists and turns.

I’ve read on some reviews that this is a power metal or even a heavy metal album. What a joke.

“Out From The Cold” is a monster classy melodic hard rock disc, with a big sound, powerful riffs and pounding drums, but extremely melodic, catchy and commercial.

Coldspell are the real deal, and if you are looking for a new melodic hard rock album that really sums up what this style of music is all about, then search no longer.

Anyone who has never heard this band before will be blown away by this album.

These swedes might be ‘coming out from the cold’, but they serves a soup of really hot music.

Very Good.

01 – Heroes

02 – Run for Your Life

03 – One In a Million

04 – Six Feet Under

05 – Time

06 – Save Our Souls

07 – The King

08 – Fate

09 – Seven Wonders

10 – Angel Eyes

11 – Heading for Tomorrow

12 – Out from the Cold

Niklas Swedentorp – Lead Vocals

Michael Larsson – Guitars and Backing Vocals

Anders “Kebbe” Lindmark – Bass

Perra Johanson – Drums

Matti Eklund – Keyboards and vocals

very special guest on Drums – Ian Haugland (Europe)


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