FORGOTTEN SUNS – Revelations (2011)

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FORGOTTEN SUNS is the most known Portuguese progressive metal band.
Their long-time career is a proof of consistency and their 3 albums boldly exhibit their competencies.
“Revelations” (released at the very end of 2010) is an EP that has turned out to become the home for some lighter tracks taken from the third album writing sessions back in the period between 2006 and 2007.
Here’s a much more melodic approach than a metal edge, with the use of electronics and a ‘friendly’ sound.

The album kicks off with the remix of “Doppelgãnger”, a song which was part of their last album ‘Innergy’. A fresh version, edited and accesible. It’s in the Dream Theater ‘Awake’ era style. A cool track.
The next 3 tracks never were released until now, and all are very melodic, far away from the typical metallic edge of the band.
“Phenotype” is an easy listening prog-metal ballad and shows that Forgotten Suns is able to write interesting songs. I believe that this is a track that substantiates what many progressive metal bands try to do, but they can’t; to marry melody and skills in a very powerful song.

“Pinpoint” is even softer, a symph power ballad with high emotional tension. The keyboard arrangements make it a nice sounding song.
“The Hill” is yet another soft song with acoustic strings, a nice guitar solo and very good harmonies.
Last track “Betrayed” is in fact 2 into 1. Part II “Grey Zone” was already featured on the band’s debut album, but now mixed with the never listened before Part I “The Curse”. Very interesting concept, dynamic and expressive, plenty of entertaining passages.

“Revelations” isn’t just the usual EP of left-overs and remixes with a new song-appetizer from a new album.
This is another side from the band with material that does not fit on their hard edged regular CD’s. Melodic, creative and commercial. Perhaps a direction to follow in the future.
If you’re new to this band, this EP? (running time 37 min) is a fine introduction to Forgotten Suns skills, an intriguing, well-arranged and very melodic disc.

01 – Doppelgänger
02 – Phenotype
03 – Pinpoints
04 – The Hill
05 – Betrayed
—– Pt.I The Curse
—– Pt.II Grey Zone

Nio Nunes – Vocals
Ricardo Falcão – Guitars
Nuno Correia – Bass
Miguel Valadares – Keyboards
J.C. Samora – Drums

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