BURNING KINGDOM – Down To The Road (2011)


BURNING KINGDOM got their start in Madrid (Spain) in 2008 and signed with a major label the same year, recording their first album. The CD, titled ‘Livin’ Now’, went on to reach the position number 10 of rock sales during 6 consecutive months in Spain, Japan and Germany.
Following this debut, the band’s guitarist Manuel Seoane (ex Ars Amandi) returns to the present with a second album under the name “Down To The Road”.

If we compare the band’s debut with this second installment, you can feel a more pronounced album with more melodic riffs, a very personal sound and better production.
The album begins with “Down To The Road”, a strong dose of hard rock with powerful riffs.
“Hoochie” is one of those songs that stays in your head after the first listen. A go-to-the-party tune with a big chorus, full of cliché but effective
After such a flood of Hard Rock, we go into the most melodic part of the album thanks to “Shot In The Dark”, a composition with a large dose of keyboards. Nice.
Fender riffs then lead the way to “I’ve Got A Feeling”, a catchy chorus court where the voice of Dagarod sounds really good. Very melodic track.

The soft melodies of the piano keys are the perfect prelude to the increcendo “Freedom” making it one of the highlights of the album.
Approaching the end of the album, we find the epic piece “Liar” which is in fact a cover of the melodic masters ‘Red Dawn’. This is a decent version, specially the guitar part.
Next, Seoane presents “Devilish Dream”, an instrumental full of intensity where alternates electric sounds with a spanish guitar, showing several important influences to the six strings giants such as George Lynch or Eddie Van Halen.
As a final point to the album, Burning Kingdom presents “Japan, Japan”, half the time full of strength and small keyboards that may be somewhat linear, but is gradually coming to a whole over several listeners.

“Down To The Road” is a good melodic hard rock album, correctly recorded and mixed.
Some tracks are really cool and catchy, as the keyboard driven “Shot In The Dark”, the very well written “I’ve Got A Feeling” or the melodious “Freedom”.
Sometimes the vocals aren’t in perfect pitch to my ears, specially the backing vocals harmonies, but apart from that (and the horrible artwork) this album is a pleasant listen, with a very good guitar work.

1. Down To The Road
2. Hoochie
3. Shot In The Dark
4. I’ve Got A Feeling
5. Freedom
6. Something Physical
7. Liar (Red Dawn cover)
8. Devilish Dream
9. Japan, Japan

Manuel Seoane (Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals)
Dagarod (Lead Vocals)
D. Noisel (Bass, backing vocals)
Peibol (Drums, backing vocals)
Filth (Keyboards)
Natalia (Backing Vocals on ‘Freedom’)


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