BAI BANG – Livin’ My Dream (2011)

BAI BANG - Livin' My Dream (2011)

Bai Bang are one of the most veteran Melodic Rock acts from Sweden.

Since the band has started to rock in the late 80’s, they have spent a lot of time together on their tours all over Europe, USA, Canada, Japan sharing stage with bands such as Thin Lizzy, Ratt, Dio, Motley Crue, Pretty Maids and played at festivals such as Sweden Rock, Wacken and Rocklahoma.

After a hiatus since their 2001 album, Bai Bang returned a couple years ago with a new effort. Now it’s time for “Livin’ My Dream”.

Bai Bang presents itself both in music and in looks like a typical eighties band. When listening to the CD your feelings instantly go back in time. From time to time it is not bad to take a trip down memory lane.

First track “We’re United” is a cool fast hard rocker with some glam/sleaze overtones. But this is the only glitter track, as the rest of the material is typically european melodic rock.

“Livin’ My Dream” is a modern hard rocker that turns extremely melodic during the chorus and guitar solo part.

“Come On” is one of the best tracks on offer here, a catchy pure melodic rock in the Bad Habit style, very very swedish.

“Stay” has a never ending chorus, it’s a good song but lacks the inclusion of a good, extended and punchy guitar solo.

Next “Tonight”, is more contemporary sounding, in the vein of the scandinavian new wave as H.E.A.T or The Poodles, while “Rock It” is a midtempo melodic rocker ala Def Leppard.

“Livin’ My Dream” includes very melodic tunes in the typical swedish, arena style.

Although produced by Pontus Assarsson and mastered by genius Martin Kronlund, I think all tracks are pre-production demos, not definitive material. That’s evident on some songs ending a bit abruptly, and the overall sound.

I mean, all tracks are well written and arranged, instant and cool melodic rockers, but this genre needs crisp and brilliant production, that’s the motto of this style. I don’t know if the band wanted to release a some kind of ‘unreleased stuff’ or ‘missing tracks’ here…

Anyway, this is a very nice song collection, short and fun tracks in the euro-melodic-rock tradition. Check the video-song below.

01 – We’re United

02 – Livin’ My Dream

03 – Come on

04 – Rock on

05 – Stay

06 – Gonna Have it All

07 – Tonight

08 – Rock it

09 – Die for You

10 – Put on Her Dress

Diddi Kastenholt : Vocals

Pelle Eliaz : Guitars

Joacim Sandin : Bass

Johnny Benson : Drums

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  1. Great album!

    Pure AOR/melodic rock.

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