FINN ARILD – Testament (2011)

FINN ARILD - Testament (2011)

Finn Arild is a multi-instrumentalist who was born in New Zealand but grew up in Norway. He learned to play the guitar at the age of six and has not looked back since.
His first album ‘Serendipity’ was released in 2005. After a five year wait and three years in the making his new album “Testament” is an excellent start to 2011.

While Finn’s music is influenced by classic progressive bands like Pink Floyd and Genesis, as well as more recent groups like IQ and Pendragon, he does manage to inject a style of his own into these twelve songs.
The music on “Testament” is in the vein of pop art rock with elements of neo-progg (the most commercial side of this genre), but also a touch of symphonic. It is a pretty laid back listen and never gets very heavy except some rockier moments.
But the melodies found along the way are absolutely gorgeous. Arild is an accomplished musician as well as a fine vocalist. He has a pleasing, melodic voice that suits this style of music to a tee.
His guitar playing is also very good; very tasteful and inspired with more than a touch of class.

That said, Arild does have a little help from his friends and is joined by Mikael Wikman (drums), Reider Wiik (piano) and Elin Aasheim (background vocals).
The album begins with the sixteen minute epic “Genesis”. Soft and heavier instrumental sections with lovely guitar relate to a classic Genesis sound. Parts also reminded me IQ, and the superb melodies are always present.
With the dreamy “Water”, acoustic and electric guitar create pretty textures and the wistful keyboards adds to the gently flowing nature of the song.
The rock&pop flavoured art rock of “All Right” has a 10cc/Beatles vibe whereas the synthesized rhythms and cool synth lines in “Ride” have a distinctive Alan Parson’s Project feel.
Arild’s fusion side becomes apparent in the short acoustically driven “Intermission” as well as in “Carnival”, where soaring vocals and tasteful acoustic guitar interludes trips you back to medieval sounds.
The album ends with “Nemesis”, a Genesis inspired slice of melodic progressive rock.

Finn Arild has come out with a little gem in “Testament”.
It is a finely crafted album filled with great melodies and fine musicianship.
The album covers the modern story of the creation of the universe starting with the big bang, the creation of stars and planets, the emergence of life on planet earth, the whole she-bang including the human race and the mark we put on earth. You will also notice that Finn had several years of classical training as the guitarwork is really throughout the album full of bits and pieces of the toccata and fuge. It’s a very tasteful mixture and the technical aspect of it all, totally synchronized with the main story and modern prog melodies.
“Testament” is an innovative prog-rock album, thoughtfully written, elaborately produced and skillfully mixed by Finn Arild himself in his Oslo based home studio.

01 – Genesis;
I) Big Bang The Start Of It All, II) White Points, III) Entropy
02 – Water
03 – All Right
04 – Inside
05 – Alive
06 – Intermission
07 – Ride
08 – Carnival
09 – Excess
10 – Robin
11 – Liasions
12 – Nemesis

Finn Arild Aasheim – lead vocals, classical, acoustic, electric guitar, guitar synth, e-bow, bass, keyboards, background vocals
Reidar Wiik – piano (3, 5, 8, 9, 10, 12)
Elin Helene Aasheim – background vocals
Mikael Wikman – drums


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