EPYSODE – Obsessions (2011)

EPYSODE - Obsessions (2011)

EPYSODE is a conceptual project by Virus IV guitarist, Samuel Arkan.
With the contribution of really good musicians and big names from the Prog Metal scene, Arkan has created a well-crafted album full of complex melodies, intensity and power riffs.
“Obsession” is a Melodic Progressive Metal concept work, if you don’t like this kind of albums, don’t be scared, the result is good… at least in places.

The story is more than interesting, just like watching an adventure or a thriller movie with thick plot that will keep you on edge till the last minute.
How about a journey into a dark mind through the eyes of a young police profiler investigating a mysterious series of homicides, that while he does, he gets in touch with several supernatural phenomena that draw him deeper and deeper, to become part of the story?
Pretty dark, mad and cool eh? Well, I’m not going to reveal anything more, so let’s deal with the music.

After the frightening and scary intro “File 41807”, the short and beautifully female vocals-piano “Silences Of Dawn” introduces us into the story.
The first proper track “First Blood” is a heavy beast with a potent sound. The song is melodic and full of energy with monster guitars.
The title track is one of the best in my opinion, epic and thunderous. Here the ensemble between the vocalists is great, as a proper band with a long history.
Musically, “Invisible Nations” is pretty catchy considering its metal spirit.
The ballad “Gemini Syndrome” is another good one. The exchange between the male and female vocals during the dialogues is quite successful; while the keys do an excellent work in the creation of the emotional, soft atmosphere.

“Fallen’s Portrait” is what you call pure prog metal. It’s a complex musical ride whith several tempo changes and great musicianship. It’s a key part of the story as well.
“Season Of Redemption” is an epic track, heavy and dense. I don’t like some desperate vocalizations here.
Things get better on almost catchy and eastern-progg “The Other Side”, in gran part thanks to the great female vocal harmonies.
“One Chance” is another track that musically I don’t like. It’s gritty, dense and heavy, too much heavy (which is not a bad thing) but for some reason I found it inconsistent.
“March Of The Ghosts” has a an epic sound, with some really good big sympho/prog keyboards and guitar solos, sounding in places definitely power metal.
“Last Sunset” is the story final, almost melodic and warmly orchestrated after the previous sonic attack tracks.

If you’re fascinated by Ayreon, and why not, Evergrey imaginary, “Obsession” is for you.
But no matters which is your favorite genre, this is an exciting and interesting album, thanks to the solid content, musically and, of course, lyrically.
The rhythm changes and the colorful keyboards add the progressive tag, while the guitars hold tight the metal facet and the vocals have nothing to envy from so many good and well known vocalists out there.
It’s a progg album, yes, but quite heavy, very close in places to power metal, and it’s exactly in those (few) passages where the songs does not work so well in my opinion.
Anyway, the compositions are above average, well arranged, performed and produced, mixed and mastered by Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Pretty Maids, Jorn Lande, TNT).

01 – File 41807
02 – Silences Of Dawn (Poetry)
03 – First Blood
04 – Obsessions
05 – Invisible Nations
06 – Gemini Syndrome
07 – Fallen’s Portrait
08 – Season Of Redemption
09 – The Other Side
10 – Shadow Lord
11 – One Chance
12 – Divine Whispers
13 – March Of The Ghosts
14 – Last Sunset

Kelly Sundown
Oddleif Stensland
Magali Luyten
Rick Altzi
Liselotte “Lilo” Hegt

Samuel Arkan – Guitars
Christophe Godin – Lead Guitars
Kristoffer Gildenlöw – Bass
Julien Spreutels – Keyboards
Léo Margarit – Drums


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