VANDENBERG – Vandenberg [remastered] (2011)

VANDENBERG - Vandenberg [remastered] (2011)


Whitesnake’s guitar player Adrian Vandenberg started his career in the late 70’s with his band Teaser, releasing an LP.

On the strength of demos for a 2nd album, they ink a deal with a major label, changed their name to “Vandenberg” and flew from their native Netherlands to Jimmy Page’s studio in UK to record the debut under the new moniker.
In October of 1982 the self-titled album was released.

“Vandenberg” was a superb effort, easily one of the best albums of that year, and one of the best debuts of the period, with the emphasis on consummate songwriting, exceptional arrangements, exemplary vocals (from Bert Heerink) and, of course, Adrian’s blistering guitar work.
The album serves up a skillful blend of the fast-paced hard rockers infused with the more catchy aspects of euro-Rock&Pop, along with a few tracks that explore a more melodic and sometimes acoustic side.
“Vandenberg” also featured the hit single “Burning Heart” — one of the era’s first power ballads, and still one of its best.

This is one of my favorite earlier ’80s discs in this genre – melodic hard rock blended with commercial hooks – ahead for their time, when most the bands were playing a more straight NWOBHM.
“Vandenberg” really doesn’t have a weak track.
Now, it’s being remastered at 24-bit for the very first time from original source tapes, sounding in all its glory.

01 – Your Love Is In Vain

02 – Back On My Feet

03 – Wait

04 – Burning Heart

05 – Ready For You

06 – Too Late

07 – Nothing To Lose

08 – Lost In A City

09 – Out In The Streets

Bert Heerink – Lead Vocals

Adrian Vandenberg – Guitar, Vocals

Dick Kemper – Bass, Vocals

Jos Zoomer – Drums, Vocals

Produced/Engineered by Stuart Epps


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