PRIMAL FEAR – Unbreakable (2012)

PRIMAL FEAR - Unbreakable (2012)


PRIMAL FEAR always was one of the few metal acts to equally please headbangers and melodic hard rockers. I really dig their sense of melody and aptly choruses in their music. The band is ready to release their ninth studio album “Unbreakable” on January 20th 2012 in Europe and January 24th in North America.

The leading direction on production has been razor sharp as bassist and multi producer Matt Sinner plays an intricate part in the band, as well as the now stable guitar duo of Magnus Karlsson and Alex Beyrodt who both are hotshots in the genre itself. Ralf Scheepers is a hugely talented and expressive vocalist, and with his strong potent vocals already in place the band keeps plowing forward with another consistent release.

The album starts off with “Unbreakable (Part 1)”, which is just a short intro, but it sets the atmosphere for the album and thus serves its purpose.

Following that, the album comes out all guns blazing with “Strike”, an aggressive, mid-tempo tune that reminds me of Accept quite a bit. The tune is decorated with killer riffs, solos and guitar harmonies, a consistently heavy rhythm section and Scheeper’s epic vocals. The band continues to display these traits in plenty throughout the entire CD.

“Give ‘Em Hell” is the next track, and one of the best. Solid and effective, its only 3 minutes makes it even more compact and concise.

The next three tracks “Bad Guys Wear Black”, “And There Was Silence” and “Metal Nation” collectively form the best portion of the album in terms of the music alone. Besides, the vocal choruses on these tunes are so catchy that they should make an instant impact on any rocker.

The semi-slow “Where Angels Die” is an 8-minute track with a more drawn out and progressive feel as compared to anything else on the album. It’s a truly outstanding piece of Hard Rock music.

Next comes “Unbreakable (Part 2)” which changes the tempo again, and this solid, heavy tune is a highlight as it’s one that best represents the musical style here. “Marching Again” picks up the pace a fair bit, and this fast and furious tune should turn out to be a headbangers’ favorite.

The power ballad “Born Again” comes across as a completely contrasting follow-up, but it showcases the different dimensions in Primal Fear’s musicianship and keeps things interesting.

Even though it goes through various tempo changes, the album never fades away, and there is no drop in intensity even in the final moments.

The last two tracks “Blaze Of Glory” and “Conviction” are solid proof of this, giving the album a terrific end.

“Unbreakable” it’s Primal Fear’s most consistent and well-rounded effort till date.

This isn’t a band that has been attempting to reinvent the steel, they play true and honest Metal / Hard Rock in their own exceptional way with catchy choruses, great riffs and melodies, attacking drums and monster vocals.

Each song throws me back to the 80’s but with a powerful sound while keeping it traditional, yet interesting.

The guitar work of Karlsson & Beyrodt is excellent, they seem to complete each-other perfectly as every solo or guitar harmony was neatly written, played and placed. The rhythm section of Sinner & Black sounds tight as hell as it inspires a good vibe to the guitars.

Good for them as they have payed their dues to enter the realms of consistency, something that you could argue the band had been doing all long.

“Unbreakable” sounds the way Primal Fear should in 2012: meaty, full, and crystal clear.


01 – Unbreakable (Part1)

02 – Strike

03 – Give Em Hell

04 – Bad Guys Wear Black

05 – And There Was Silence

06 – Metal Nation

07 – Where Angels Die

08 – Unbreakable (Part 2)

09 – Marching Again

10 – Born Again

11 – Blaze Of Glory

12 – Conviction

Ralf Scheepers – Vocals

Alex Beyrodt – Guitars

Magnus Karlsson – Guitar, Keyboards

Randy Black – Drums

Mat Sinner – Bass, Backing Vocals, Production

Erik Martensson – Backing Vocals

Oliver Hartmann – Backing Vocals


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