SECOND SIGHT – Back On Earth [reissue 2012 promo only] (2012)

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From Italy arrives another promising Melodic Rock / AOR band ; SECOND SIGHT.
The group recorded independently the EP ‘Back On Earth’ in 2009, and now are giving the final touches to their full length debut ‘State Of Mine’, to be released this year.

As advance, we have the pleasure to enjoy a preview of some new material together with the debut EP on this ‘re-issue / promo only’ of “Back On Earth”.
I must confess that Second Sight slips under my radar back in 2009. What a shame, as the stuff featured here is top notch in all aspects.
From high quality songwriting to the exiting arrangements and musical performances, Second Sight has all the skills needed to be stars in the actual Melodic Rock / AOR arena.
Seems I am not the only one impressed by these Italians, as they recruited two excellent and well known singers to track down the vocal parts; Norwegians Faith Circus’ vocalist Marc Farrano and Bennech Lyngboe (Main Attraction / On The Rise), with guitar contributions from guitar hero Alex De Rosso as well.

For the new album, Second Sight re-recorded one of the best songs recently heard in this genre; “Heart Of Stone”. This is a pure Melodic AOR heaven from start to finish, an irresistible melody crowned by an extremely catchy chorus. The original 2009 version featured later in the tracklist is equally good, but the new take has much more punch and better production.
The new track “Looking For A Miracle” is a climatic midtempo with clean guitars in the best eighties tradition, but explodes during the fantastic chorus, and after a melodious guitar solo keeps rockin’ with very well arranged harmony vocals.

Now it’s time for the original EP tracks (new to me), and what a bunch of goodies.
“Talk To Me” is a winner. A sumptuous AOR rocker driven by melodic guitars / swirling keyboards and an excellent vocal job by Marc Farrano.
One thing that really like about this band is the way they start each song; with a short ‘little guitar solo’, always melodic and tasteful.
This even happens with the ballad “Your Eyes”. After a the guitar / keys intro, the slightly raspy and affected vocals builds the song into a juicy tune. This isn’t your typical lights-in-the-air slow song. With the addition of great acoustic guitars and cleverly placed keyboards, the track has some kind of relentless power, and the guitar solo really rocks.

Then we have the awesome Melodic Hard Rocker “Sign Of The Times”, a truly driving rockin’ track with a magical refrain and an over the top chorus. Bennech Lyngboe does a terrific job on the leads, confirming he is an overlooked singer and needs to be called by many bands to take profit of his vocals abilities.
“Back In Your Heart” starts with mysterious ’80s keyboards and the ‘guitar lick’, and then a portentous riff sustains the track, which has a more than interesting pre-chorus cascade and an old-school AOR main chorus. The eighties synths are present all the time and the guitar solo is fabulous.
For the end the band offers a new, acoustic version of the ballad “Your Eyes”, more laid back but effective and enchanting as the original, this time with more polished and harmonic vocals.

As you see, I have wrote a lot about this band / album, and take for sure that much more would be written / spoken about them.
Just hope Second Sight find a proper management (and a big label) to catapult them to the stardom, as they have the fire and the skills to write & play premium Melodic Rock / AOR. The material featured here is one of the most exciting and interesting I have heard in many, many years.
Some bands excels in the songwriting department, some on the musicianship, but it’s hard to find one truly good on both.
Second Sight is one of them, believe me.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – Heart Of Stone (New Version 2012)
02 – Looking For A Miracle (New Song 2012)
03 – Talk To Me
04 – Your Eyes
05 – Sign Of The Times
06 – Back In Your Heart
07 – Heart Of Stone
08 – Your Eyes (Acoustic Version 2012)

Marc Farrano (Faith Circus) – Vocals
Bennech Lyngboe (Main Attraction / On The Rise) – Vocals
Pier Mazzini – Keyboards
Fulvio Carlini – Guitar
Andrea Maddalone – Guitar
Gian Simmons – Bass
Zack Rondinelli – Drums
Alex De Rosso – guest Guitar

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