ADLER’S APPETITE – Alive EP (2012)

ADLER'S APPETITE - Alive EP (2012)
Studio recording, not live


Guns N’ Roses legend Steven Adler’s substance abuse problems have been well documented lately, notably from his appearances on VH-1’s Celebrity Rehab and in his own autobiography My Appetite For Destruction.
Fortunately, his battles against his personal demons have been successful enough that he’s been able to finally create new music.

His band ADLER’S APPETITE is currently in the studio preparing their first full length album. In the meantime, some singles have been released to the public during the last 18 months.
These songs happened to be combined into a rare exclusive EP to European markets, but now, since April 2, the EP is available worldwide on iTunes.
Additionally, in April 10 ADLER’S APPETITE has released separately a brand new single; “The One That You Hated”.

Although it should be noted that the band’s rather volatile line-up has already switched lead singers, AA’s foundation (Adler with his cohorts Chip Z’nuff and Michael Thomas) is still present here.
The main title track “Alive” isn’t a live recording at all. The song is an uptempo hard rocker with a cowbell straight out of GNR’s ‘Nightrain’ leads things off.
It’s a crunchy and lyrically optimistic tune about Adler being thankful for still being here despite his self-medicated crazy lifestyle. It sets the tone of what their original songs will sound like and it’s as good as anything put out by ex-Guns alumni. Really good.
“Stardog” follows next, a rockin’ track with gang backing vocals and tons of percussion by Adler. I have always considered Steven not only the best G ‘N R drummer ever, but also the best percussionist of the American Hard Rock scene.

“Fading” is a strong rock ballad with a singalong chorus and melodic guitars. The piano and some acoustics are welcomed, making this song sound as SLAUGHTER with best vocals. Very good tune.
Then we have the instrumental version of “Alive” where we can appreciate how tight the band sounds. The guitars are more upfront in the mix, as well ‘that’ magical cowbell. Love it.
As bonus, the fresh single released just three days ago: “The One That You Hated”. The song is a powerful hard rocker with razor guitars and a chorus that will stick in your head. This is a sonically kick-ass track, yet very polished and melodic.

If this EP and new single are any indication, Steven Adler finally is getting his act together with a solid band behind him.
The songwriting is typically late ’80s, as well the musicianship and sound.
What I really like about these songs is the way they were played and produced, with the mind put in the eighties, some kind of an ‘Appetite For Destruction sound’ but more polished.
ADLER’S APPETITE is on the right direction, can’t wait for the full length CD.
Really Good.

You’ve seen it first here, at zerodayrock

01 – Alive
02 – Stardog
03 – Fading
04 – Alive (instrumental version)
05 – The One That You Hated [new single]

Patrick Stone – Vocals
Steven Adler – Drums, Percussion, Backing Vocals
Michael Thomas (Beautiful Creatures, Tuff) – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Lonny Paul – Guitars
Chip Z’Nuff (Enuff Z’Nuff) – Bass, Backing Vocals


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