DREAMSCAPE – Everlight (2012)

DREAMSCAPE - Everlight (2012)


Germany always was – and still is – a pile in Prog Metal, giving some outstanding bands in this sub-genre. DREAMSCAPE is one of the most unheard, despite having been founded in the eighties by guitar player Wolfgang Kerinnis.

 “Everlight” is their 6th album after five years in the making, and as their previous, it’s a self-produced and self-released recording, as the band wants to have complete control over its every aspect. Additionally, they have crossed for several line-up changes, specially the singer’s slot.

Although Francesco Marino was confirmed as official vocalist, Kerinnis decided to record the new album with a multitude of guest singers as well: Arno Menses from Subsignal, the great Oliver Hartmann, the delicate female singer of Beyond The Bridge Dilenya Mar, shouter Mike DiMeo (Masterplan) and many more.

I know Dreamscape since their previous album ‘5th Season’, a really good and interesting CD of technical prog metal with Dream Theater influences. For “Everlight” they have become more accessible, with shorter songs and a sound flirting with traditional prog, and even proggy-AOR in places. Anyway, we still found here ample space reserved for instrumental stretch-outs, yet never sound over-indulgent or contrived. On some tracks, specially in the three instrumentals, the interplay between guitars and keys (including awesome piano parts) are simply breathtaking. The most impressive thing about this band is their ability to be really powerful and agressive, and then suddenly break out the acoustic guitars and bring you way down to some beautiful, majestic power ballads.

On the harder side the best songs are the uptempo and heavy “Restless”, the proggy “Fortune And Fate”, and the almost melodic hard rocker (with prog-metal middle part) “Breathing Spaces”, featuring a very good performance by Olivier Hartmann at the mic. The mellower songs abound as well, being the title track one of the best, offering as well a complex arrangement and a male / female duet. Also remarkable is the dreamy “The Violet Flame Forever”, driven by real acoustic pianos and subtle guitars.

“Everlight” is a fine album of (basically) technical Prog Metal that on many places has noticeable nods to much ‘lighter’ genres.

The music is always interesting, rich in intensity with a super thick sound, yet melodic and ethereal in the calmer parts. It is peppered with catchy moments as well, and the pieces flow from one to another in a fine way.

However, the crowd of vocalists isn’t cohesive in all cases. I don’t like Mike DiMeo’s performance in example. It’s not his fault, just the song does not fit his style, sounding forced, even rude on his take.

Anyway, for the most part “Everlight” hits the mark, delivering an outstanding musicianship, good melodies and an acute mix of styles.

Some of the catchy melodies will no doubt attract the melodic hard rock crowd; the restraint they show despite their technical abilities will also be noted by symphonic prog fans; and their crunchiness won’t fail to grab the attention of the most demanding metal heads.

Good Stuff.

01. Final Dawn

02. Restless

03. Led Astray

04. Fortune and Fate

05. The Violet Flame Forever

06. A Matter of Time Transforming

07. One

08. The Calm Before the Storm

09. Refugium in Db-Major

10. A Mental Journey

11. Breathing Spaces

12. Everlight

Francesco Marino – vocals

Wolfgang Kerinnis – guitar

David Bertok (Subsignal) – keyboards

Ralf Schwager (Subsignal) – bass

Danilo Batdorf – drums

Arno Menses (Subsignal) – guest vocals

Erik “Ez” Blomkvist (ex Platitude) – guest vocals

Herbie Langhans (Seventh Avenue) – guest vocals

Dilenya Mar (Beyond The Bridge) – guest vocals

Mike DiMeo (Masterplan) – guest vocals

Nando Fernandez (Hangar) – guest vocals

Oliver Hartmann (Harmann, Avantasia) – guest vocals

Roland Stoll (ex Dreamscape) – guest vocals



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