FAIR WARNING – Best And More [2CD] (2012)

FAIR WARNING - Best And More [2CD] (2012)


Celebrating their 20th Anniversary, Germany’s first class Melodic Hard Rockers FAIR WARNING are releasing the double album “Best And More”.
It will be available at the nice price of a single CD, packs 32 songs on to two CD’s, including all the Fair Warning classics, some previously unreleased tracks, plus a lavish booklet with exclusive photos.

Being a fan of big, anthemic melodic hard rock for as long as I can remember, I put Fair Warning up amongst the cream of the European bands from the late ’80s / early ’90s (think Europe, Stage Dolls or Bonfire).
The German four-piece cover all of the bases that appeal to children of eighties rock: arena anthems, power ballads and driving rockers full of guitars, keyboards and striking drums.

There have been a couple of Fair Warning collections already (Early Warnings ’92-95 and Decade of Fair Warning), but nothing quite this large or comprehensive.
Fair Warning are Gods in Japan, have a big fan base in Europe but really never make it big in the US and particularly in UK. “Best And More” is intended to these markets and to potential new listeners of the genre worldwide.
For newcomers, “Best And More” is a solid overview of Fair Warning’s catalog, for longtime fans who already own most of the band’s albums, it’s an opportunity to get at a fair price all the hits in one package, plus some rarities: the previously unreleased “Rock *N* Roll” (a cover of Zeppelin’s classic) and edited / remixed versions of “Children’s Eyes” and “Light In The Dark”.

It has to be difficult to come up with a best-of package when the band in question has so many great albums and songs.
Their first four studio albums are such essential melodic rock records that it seems wrong to omit anything from them. Still, as far as song selection goes, “Best and More” does hit all the highlights.
We have a nice mix of studio and live tracks – more importantly the running order makes for a great start to your introduction to Fair Warning – they do not just follow the chronological order of their 10 preceding albums.

While we’re waiting patiently for a new studio album from melodic rock masters Fair Warning, the band has served up a hefty 2-disc greatest hits package.
Single out highlights is unnecessary as both CD’s are simply chock full of great tunes and melodies. For someone getting to know the band this is an essential purchase, and for fans it’s a cool (and cheap) addition to the collection.
“Best And More” is a great overview of Fair Warning’s catalog, that’s it superb Melodic Hard Rock.

CD 1:
01 – Burning Heart
02 – Save Me
03 – All On Your Own
04 – Longing For Love
05 – When Love Fails
06 – Angels Of Heaven
07 – Out On The Run
08 – Don’t Give Up
09 – Long Gone
10 – Generation Jedi
11 – Don’t Keep Me Waiting
12 – Still I Believe
13 – Heart On The Run
14 – Here Comes The Heartache
15 – I’ll Be There
16 – I Fight
17 – The Way You Want It

01 – Rock*N*Roll (Previously Unreleased)
02 – A Little More Love
03 – Come On
04 – The Heart Of Summer
05 – Angel Of Dawn
06 – The Call Of The Heart
07 – Rain Song
08 – Like A Rock
09 – Out Of The Night
10 – Meant To Be
11 – Don’t Count On Me
12 – Just Another Perfect Day
13 – Light In The Dark (edit Single Track)
14 – Man On The Moon
15 – Children’s Eyes (edit Single Track)

Tommy Heart – Lead & Backing Vocals
Helge Engelke – Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
Ule W. Ritgen – Bass, Backing Vocals
C.C. Behrens – Drums


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