MY DARKEST DAYS – Sick And Twisted Affair [Deluxe Ed.] (2012)

MY DARKEST DAYS - Sick And Twisted Affair [Deluxe Ed.] (2012)


I don’t like too much Modern Rock, but there’s few bands that make it work.
Canadians MY DARKEST DAYS’ 2010 self-titled debut was, if nothing else, a solid modern rock record; the album’s 10 tracks were all at least decent, with no noticeable bumps or downturns along the way.
“Sick and Twisted Affair” is the group’s second studio album and in its best moments, surpasses its predecessor.

My Darkest Days’ sound is a cross between mainstream hard rock and radio pop, with commercial intentions. Heavy bass lines and a smoky voice that is characteristic of rock mixed with the lighter drumbeats and keyboards often heard in pop.
In fact, they have a sound in their music not unfamiliar to Canadians. Think Nickelback and Hedley, yes. On some tracks, the result is satisfactory.

For example, the opening one-two punch of the title track and “Save Yourself” is nothing short of superb in this genre; both tracks have killer riffs, excellent musicianship on every front, and well crafted simple choruses.
Similarly, “Nature of the Beast” and “Again” provide a great deal of rockin’, stomping grooves and beefy axe bite that is enough to keep even the most fickle of hard rock meatheads satisfied, with “Again” boasting a good and much-needed guitar solo in its bridge.
“Casual Sex”, the album’s first single, is a raunchy and all sexed up half-pop/half-rock tune ala Nickelback, including keyboards and electronics.
Anyone interested in slower songs will find a hit with on the poppy “Gone”, and the subtler “Perfect” takes a small step back to deliver a meticulously crafted pop&rock tune with a sticky chorus.
On the other hand, “Stutter” (a cover) remains largely unremarkable and fails to impress, whilst tracks such as “Love Crime” and “Rolling Stoned” absolutely does nothing for me.
This deluxe edition features extra tracks, alternate mixes of songs of the debut and “Casual Sex” (better than the original), and the same cover art but colored differently.

My Darkest Days offers on “Sick and Twisted Affair” a cool collection of modern mainstream rock that has broad appeal, and that’s why it is reviewed here.
Many rockers enjoy these new trends, and in my humble opinion My Darkest Days is one of the few redeemable in this style.
This record has a handful of easy listening tunes; musically it’s clear the band is capable of more and the lyrics could use some work. But perhaps there is where resides the point of this kind of bands; simple songs, with each song’s title repeated multiple times in its chorus to get the listener hooked.
With Canadian rock and pop groups making it big, it’s easy to see My Darkest Days’ new songs invading the radio play lists not too far down the road.

01 – Sick And Twisted Affair
02 – Save Yourself
03 – Casual Sex
04 – Stutter
05 – Nature Of The Beast
06 – Perfect
07 – Again
08 – Gone
09 – Love Crime
10 – Rolling Stoned
11 – Casual Sex (Rock Mix)
12 – Like Nobody Else (Mountain View Remix)
13 – Every Lie (Acoustic)

Matt Walst – Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Sal Costa – Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Brendan McMillan – Bass
Doug Oliver – Drums, Percussion
Reid Henry – Keyboards, Backing Vocals

Additional Musicians:
John 5 – Guitar (“Casual Sex”)
Barry Stock – Guitar (“Again”)


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