BOMBAY BLACK – Bad Boy + Helluva Time (2012)

BOMBAY BLACK - Bad Boy + Helluva Time (2012)


BOMBAY BLACK’s 5th studio album “Bullets And Booze” is right around the corner with a June 2012 release on Triage Records.

Those familiar with BOMBAY BLACK know the previous albums were often centralized around the core theme of ‘Get Mad Get Even’.

Bombay Black’s new album, ‘Bullets And Booze’, is instead, a reflection of the partying mayhem that happens on their tour bus.

The fans and fellow musicians who have walked on (and crawled off) the ‘Rock ‘N Roll Pain Train’ know well that the band does not mess around when it comes to cranking up the music and matching you shot for shot.

According to the band, “Bullets And Booze” invites fans to live life to the fullest all wrapped up in one rowdy and raunchy package.

‘Bullets And Booze’ was produced at the Triage Recovery Room in Conway, Arkansas, by bassist Ty Sims and singer/guitarist Erik Johnson. The two have a long list of international production credits and experience working with names like David Reece (Accept, Bangalore Choir), Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty, and multi-platinum producer Beau Hill.

Together with the rock solid rhythms of drummer Rob McCauley and guitar shredding from “Devil Jim” Perry, Bombay Black delivers hard rock in the old school tradition with a modern sound.

Two singles out of the new album are on iTunes, including “Helluva Time” which attempts to answer the age old question ‘What happened last night?’, and “Bad Boy” for the guy that the girls love and the boys hate. Both songs are really powerful yet polished, featuring notable harmony vocals by all members.

‘Bullets And Booze’ CD pre-orders are available only via

01 – Helluva Time (3:28)

02 – Bad Boy (4:43)

Erik Johnson – Lead Vocals, Guitar

‘Devil Jim’ Perry – Lead Guitar, Vocals

Ty Sims – Bass, Vocals

Rob McCauley – Drums, Vocals


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