LOVERBOY – Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival (2012)

LOVERBOY - Rock 'N' Roll Revival (2012)


Canadian Melodic Rock heroes LOVERBOY are back with a new album; “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival”.

Mike Reno and Paul Dean, with the help of AOR legend producer Bob Rock have put together this new recording after many years out of the scene.

Of the 12 tracks in “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival” only three are new songs, right at the front, the title track, “No Tomorrow” and “Heartbreaker”; the remaining nine songs are re-recordings of their most popular songs.

Now you’re probably asking yourself; ‘It was necessary?’

Let’s start with the new material. The three new songs are simply great. Between the classic Loverboy sound and clever turns of a phrase in the lyrics (there’s no tomorrow in yesterday’), these tunes are lively and entertaining, classic melodic hard rock.

Title track “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival” has those ’80s classic Loverboy keyboards and melodic line that made them famous.

“No Tomorrow” is a really good mid-tempo AOR ballad where Reno shines (he still has the pipes) and the melodious guitar of Paul Dean drives the tune. I love this track.

“Heartbreaker” is a more nineties oriented melodic rocker, with a solidy refrain and a cool chorus. The rhythm section is more tight than on the previous tracks, and the guitars take the center stage here.

But what about the re-recordings of their greatest hits? Frankly, they’re quite good.

This section starts off with “Turn Me Loose”, and while re-recorded classics are something of a double edged sword as on one hand you’ve got better sounding clarity that new technology brings but on the other hand you sometimes lose some of the magic of the originals.

Thankfully this is not the case here.

What we have is just great sounding songs full stop. On some of these classic material, Lovervoy has added a few twists, more lively guitars and slightly new way to deliver the backing vocals. But all are faithful to the originals, just how Loverboy sounds in 2012.

Their #1 hit “Working For The Weekend” and the staple “The Kid Is Hot Tonight” sounds fresh and vibrant. The new versions are hot, maybe slightly faster than before. Both have a ‘live’ feel to them, finishing with a flourishing crescendo.

“Lovin’ Every Minute Of It” in particular is blasting through my speakers with the urgency of a much younger band. However this can be said of pretty much all the songs on this fine album.

The surprise here may be “Hot Girls In Love” which clocks in better than twice the original time. You’re treated to some fine bass and drum work nearing improvisation, and with the other instruments rockin’ all over. I like it.

It was necessary? I guess the answer is yes.

On “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival” Loverboy has re-recorded their hits not only to own the rights of their material, but also to show how they sound today. Call them Loverboy of the new century or more likely what you would hear at one of their shows.

I will continue to listen these songs in their original form, as the magic of the ’80s recordings is unrepeatable and I love them.

But these newly re-recorded classics are awesome too, with an incredible punch and fire. Besides, the fresh takes adds a new dimension to the guitars and the way they’re performed.

So “Rock ‘N’ Roll Revival” worth the purchase? Yes: classic, terrific tunes very well re-worked and 3 new, really good songs.

Go and get it.

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrockz

01. Rock ‘n’ Roll Revival (New Song)

02. No Tomorrow (New Song)

03. Heartbreaker (New Song)

04. Turn Me Loose (re-recorded)

05. Working For The Weekend (re-recorded)

06. Lovin’ Every Minute Of It (re-recorded)

07. The Kid Is Hot Tonight (re-recorded)

08. Lucky Ones (re-recorded)

09. Always On My Mind (re-recorded)

10. Queen Of The Broken Hearts (re-recorded)

11. When It’s Over (re-recorded)

12. Hot Girls In Love (re-recorded)

Mike Reno – lead vocals

Paul Dean – guitars, producer

Matt Frenette – drums

Doug Johnson – keyboards

Ken “Spider” Sinnaeve – bass


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