THE LAST VEGAS – Bad Decisions (2012)

THE LAST VEGAS - Bad Decisions (2012)

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Formed in 2005, THE LAST VEGAS cut their teeth relentlessly playing in support of two independent releases. In 2009, the band burst on to the national scene when Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx saw them play live in Los Angeles and subsequently co-produced their third album. More touring followed, including a stint opening Motley Crue’s ‘Saints Of Los Angeles’ tour.

Now they’re back, recharged, with their brand new CD “Bad Decisions” to hit the stores on August 28, produced by Johnny K (Megadeth, Airbourne).

The Last Vegas plays an explosive cocktail of heavy rock resembling Motley Crue, early Guns ‘N Roses, Tesla and AC/DC to name some. There are so many different sounds going on, especially in the vocals, that this CD almost comes across as a greatest hits of the hard rocking ’80s.

However these Chicago natives aren’t just rehashing two decade old formulas, instead they wear their influences on their sleeves while making the entire mix sound current. This is not modern rock by any means, they sound modern and polished but with their roots in the eighties.

Right from the get go The Last Vegas grab the listener’s attention with the unrelenting “Beat To Hell”. This venomous in-your-face rocker is one of the best songs on the entire album, but far from the only killer track.

“Other Side” follows suit with a Faster Pussycat meets Skid Row styled vocals while the swagger of title track “Bad Decisions” increases the over-the-top quota by another notch.

Then you have the first single “Evil Eyes”, the best track Motley Crue forgot to write in the last twenty years, followed by the melodious but rocking “Don’t Take It So Hard”.

“She’s My Confusion” somehow reminds you Tesla (specially in the refrain), “It Ain’t Easy” slow down the things a bit with a bluesy feel, and “My Way Forever” turns into a sweaty sleazy rocker ala G ‘N R but more polished.

“Leonida” is modern-day Fastway, “Devil In You” sports a catchy chorus, and “You Are The One” rocks with a strong riff.

For the end we have the ballad “Good Night” which recalls Tesla best moments and in parts brings back to my mind a Cinderella old tune as well.

“Bad Decisions” is more solid and impactful than I expected.

In fact I can’t find a bad track on this entire album, as everything is played as if the group realizes this may be their only chance at success, so they hold nothing back.

What resulted was a record that should appeal to new and old hard rock fans alike, and a record that should make these five guys household names. As said, the sound is modern and uptdated but The Last Vegas style is pure late ’80s / early ’90s.

None of the aforementioned classic bands has shown this type of energy or songwriting skill in ages. This new album by The Last Vegas will no doubt appear of many people’s ‘best of’ lists this year – and deservedly so.

Whatever “Bad Decisions” is one of those CDs that demands to be played at high volumes.

Rock On.

01 – Beat To Hell

02 – Other Side

03 – Bad Decisions

04 – Evil Eyes

05 – Don’t Take It So Hard

06 – She’s My Confusion

07 – It Ain’t Easy

08 – My Way Forever

09 – Leonida

10 – Devil In You

11 – You Are The One

12 – Good Night

Chad Cherry (vocals)

Adam Arling (guitars)

Danny Smash (bass)

Nate Arling (drums)

Johnny Wator (guitars)


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