D’ERCOLE – Dreams Of The Heart (2012)

D'ERCOLE - Dreams Of The Heart (2012)


After several delayed release dates, D’ERCOLE, the band set up by Damian D’Ercole and Phil Vincent, finally got published thier 3rd effort “Dreams Of The Heart”.

The new album is a mix of the band’s previous recordings; some tracks with a Melodic Rock / AOR approach including high doses of keyboards and layered harmonies, balanced with more Hard Rock / guitar oriented material as on D’Ercole’s debut.

As example, opener “Only Child” starts with classic eighties keys which flows in the entire song, an uptempo Melodic Rock AOR tune reminding you Dare with more punch.

Same with the even more AOR “I’ll Be There For You”, or the European sounding melodic rockers “You Keep Me Waiting” and “Hurt Me for the Last Time”.

Numbers such as “Givin’ It All to You”, title track “Dreams of the Heart”, and specially “She Ain’t No Good” or “Wearin’ Me Down” are more hard rock oriented, with some of the ’80s Dokken influence of the band’s first album.

“Dreams Of The Heart” is a fine slab of retro ’80s / ’90s sounding melodic hard rock, well produced by Phil Vincent with the help of Vince O’Regan (Bob Catley) who also contributed a guest guitar solo.

Rocks Good.

01 – Only Child

02 – Givin’ It All to You

03 – Dreams of the Heart

04 – I’ll Be There for You

05 – She Ain’t No Good

06 – You Keep Me Waiting

07 – Too Little Too Late

08 – Lies

09 – A Million Miles

10 – Hurt Me for the Last Time

11 – Wearin’ Me Down

Phil Vincent – Lead vocals, Synthesizers

Damian D’Ercole – Guitars

William Arnold – Bass

Tane DeAngelis – Drums

Vince O’Regan – Guitar solo



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