GREASE HELMET (Andy McCoy) – ST (2012)

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The seeds of GREASE HELMET were planted in Helsinki, Finland, around 2009 by ex Amorphis bass player Niclas Etelavuori and singer Jere Garcia.

5K Studios was adopted as Helmet Headquarters and would provide the haven where the strategy to produce traditional Finnish hard rock was to be conducted.

Soon word spread out and Jan Rechberger (drums) and Ben Varon (rhythm guitar) where recruited to the Grease Helmet army.

But what really made some noise in rock community was the inclusion of former Hanoi Rocks guitarist Andy McCoy as main axe-man.

Undoubtedly, Grease Helmet has earned attention because Andy McCoy. He is not only a national icon in his native Finland, the man has inspired a generation of platinum-selling bands such as Motley Crue or Guns ‘N Roses to name some.

According to a press release, “Grease Helmet” travels from present time to the history of rock with flavors of classic hard rock, funk, blues and psychedelic colors.

And that’s true for the most part, as this recording resembles – with a modern sound – those classic styles with a ’70s flavor.

“Sold Our Soul” kicks things off in a good way with a vintage riff and retro keyboards, and then explodes into an uptempo and pretty in your face track with McCoy’s guitar rocking all over. The bridge is melodic and easy to the ears. I don’t know you, but I love Andy McCoy soloing.

“Keep Your Helmet Greasy” is a more balls to the wall rocker where singer Jere Garcia does an AC/DC tongue-in-cheek delivery over fine guitar breaks courtesy of Mr. McCoy. It’s a song quite reminiscent of Hanoi Rocks.

This is the prevailing style on most the tracks, being the dirty “Shotgun” and “Bigger Than Rock’n Roll” the best of the bunch.

Grease Helmet adds some variation in the dynamic and funky “Nobody Rides For Free” with full-on bass slapping and horns, while “Second Try” is more moody and melodic with a good arrangement.

‘Mustang Bebe’ is a little left of centre with some cotton picking guitar licks and a change of style on a very schizophrenic song as it skirts from rockabilly to some horns and a psychedelic middle section.

“Grease Helmet” is a good retro album with strong riffage and nice songs if you like late seventies rock in the vein of New York Dolls and Hanoi Rocks, spiced with some AC/DC.

There’s good performances, specially from McCoy who states clear that he’s not trying at all to keep up with trends. In the songwriting department we find some agreeable and cool retro vibes, although some tracks are not completely convincing.

“Grease Helmet” is basic rock from days of old with a spaced-out feel to it, well played and recorded, nothing more, nothing less.

Hard copies are only available in Japan and Finland, but you can find the digital version (without the bonuses) on all major retailers right now.

01 – Sold Our Soul

02 – Kepp Your Helmet Greasy

03 – Antisocial

04 – Nobody Rides For Free

05 – Second Try

06 – Mustang Bebe

07 – Shotgun

08 – Restlezz

09 – No Rocket In My Pocket

10 – Bigger Than Rock’n Roll

11 – Speed King (Deep Purple cover) [Japan bonus]

12 – The Rocker (Thin Lizzy cover) [Japan bonus]

Jere Garcia (vocals)

Andy McCoy (guitars)

Niclas Etelävuori (bass)

Jan Rechberger (drums)

Ben Varon (rhythm guitar)


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