BRENDAN KEELEY – I’ll Always Be Lonely (2012)

BRENDAN KEELEY - I'll Always Be Lonely (2012) mp3 download


Born in Ireland, singer / songwriter BRENDAN KEELEY has been in the music business for thirty years.

In the first half of the nineties Brendan recorded a couple of singles and knocked every music company’s door in Dublin without luck. Then he released the material on his own, and the songs became national hits.

Since then, he published three full length CD’s, and now “I’ll Always Be Lonely”, his second international release.

During the last decade Keeley moved to Germany where he spawned another sucessful single (a song featured in a TV show).

Now, defintely established in Tullamore, Ireland, Brendan has re-recorded his earlier hits and new material to present them to the world.

“I’ll Always Be Lonely” is one of those old hit tunes, and also the name of this Lite AOR release strongly influenced by the ’80s sounds plenty of beautiful melodies, elegant instrumentation and of course, his smooth, breathy vocals.

Brendan Keely’s musical style and sound reminds you Canadian Lite AOR acts of the golden decade, where the refined arrangements and polished production were the rule of the genre.

He can be compared with John Farnham or Bryan Adams, but the artist who really match his manner – both musically and vocally – is Canadian Paul Janz.

This album includes truly wonderful AOR songs as the climatic opener “I Can’t Believe It”, “It’s Not Easy” or the charming “Take The Chains Away” to name some.

Brendan visits more classic territories in “After The Love” and “The Three O’Clock Train”, goes almost West Coast in the breezy title track “I’ll Always Be Lonely” and the majestic “Lady In The Painting”, and of course delivers beautiful ballads like “The Loniest Man In The World” and the harmony filled “Heart & Soul”.

Brendan Keely is a gifted artist, a complete songwriter with tons of sensibility, a craftsman of his art. These delicious bunch of tunes were meticulously arranged & recorded with passion, finesse, and gently produced with a polished sound.

The album is available with different names and tracklist depending the country, but it doesn’t matter which one you pick, surely it will be a delight for AOR and AC audiophiles.


01 – I Can’t Believe It

02 – I’ll Always Be Lonely

03 – After The Love

04 – It’s Not Easy

05 – Heart & Soul

06 – Take The Chains Away

07 – Eyes Of A Child

08 – Lady In The Painting

09 – Song For?

10 – The Caves Of Time

11 – The Three O’Clock Train

12 – The Loniest Man In The World

Brendan Keeley – vocals

Chris O’Brien – all instruments

Graham Murphy – all instruments

Joe Jewell – guitar, backing vocals

Paul Harrington, Sandra Cooney – backing vocals

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