SUNSET BOULEVARD – Hungry Hearts (2012)

SUNSET BOULEVARD - Hungry Hearts (2012) mp3 download


SUNSET BOULEVARD is a new band born in Finland at the end of 2009 founded by songwriters and multi-instrumentalists Juha Vornanen and Simo Sainio.

The guys have rocked together since they were teens, and their love for classic Melodic Rock and AOR is more than evident on the debut “Hungry Hearts”.

Both the band’s name and album title says all… this is pure European Melodic Rock / AOR with lots of keyboards, melodic riffs and smooth vocals.

Sunset Boulevard sound is typically Scandinavian influenced by Swedish, Norwegian and Finnish acts oriented on the more smoothie side of the spectrum such as Talk Of The Town, Heartbreak Radio, Deacon Street and Tommy Denander AORish projects.

There’s uptempo tracks with some hints of melodic hard as “Hungry Hearts” and “Love Eruption”, yet most are AOR oriented like the keyboard driven “Sunset Boulevard”, “Hungry For Love” or the slightly Americanized “It’s True”.

Of course Sunset Boulevard delivers midtempos like the sweet “Been Alone Before” and the elegant “Breaking Down My Heart”, as well as a ballad in the melodic “Annie”.

“Hungry Hearts” was recorded independently last year, but the band is now pushing the material looking for a label contract. The quality of these tracks and the very good musicianship in Sunset Boulevard surely will find a recording company soon.

This is pure AOR / Melodic Rock in the Scandi style.

Fans of the genre are advised!

01 – Hungry Hearts

02 – Sunset Boulevard

03 – Love Eruption

04 – Breaking Down My Heart

05 – Been Alone Before

06 – It’s True

07 – Annie

08 – Heartbreaker

09 – Hungry For Love

Juha Vornanen: vocals, drums, guitar

Simo Sainio: bass, keyboards, backing vocals

Aki Kola: bass

Kimmo Puhakka: drums


2 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome style. With a big production they will be great! Thanks for discover us this unknown acts!

  2. Simo says:

    Hey, I just found this page and wanted to say big thanks for the kind words and stellar review of our album! Just one thing I'd like to correct, we're not actively looking for a label as we are quite happy with releasing our songs for free on the Internet. 🙂 So find us at and listen and download all you want!

    -Simo from Sunset Boulevard

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