EDEN LOST – Breaking The Silence (2012)

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Spanish melodic hard rockers EDEN LOST have a history dating back to 1999, and they released their debut album in 2005 on the AOR Heaven label. Seven years have passed and now the second disc aptly titled “Breaking the Silence” is here.

Eden Lost plays a mature, adult Melodic Hard Rock very easy to like, conducted by talented guitar player Jesus Laso which provides the main drive of the music together with the other axe slinger Javier Nieto in a well balanced wall of sound, while vocalist Ignacio Prieto has a smooth and pleasant tune in his throat.

Soundwise they are somewhere between the classic ’80s sounds and the slightly more modern ’90s stuff of the genre.

Opener “Starting Again” is a powerful track which kicks the album in a good form featuring a guest guitar solo by Jorge Salan (Jeff Scott Soto, Mago de Oz), followed by the melodic “Gotta Be Together”.

Title track “Breaking The Silence” is perhaps the more solid track of the entire album, a marching melodic hard rocker with a contagious refrain, sharper guitars and great rhythm.

“Ready To Rock” and “Feel Free” are ’80s sounding tracks American-influenced with some Bon Jovi hints in the latter, then “Locked In Your Heart” sees Eden Lost trying to emulate the Whitesnake-esque style of ‘Is This Love’.

Another highlight on the disc is the semi-midtempo AOR ballad “Hard To Believe”. The band manages really well the silky sounds as the other slow songs “Locked In Your Heart” and closer “Times Are Changing” work really well.

More rockers worth to mention includes “March The 11th” with big melodies and strong choruses, the catchy guitars on the string riffing fueled “No More Sorrows”, and the slightly Swedish influenced “Sun Keeps Shining” featuring another guest guitar solo, this time by Jaime de la Aldea (Nexx’s Patricia Tapia band).

Seven years is a hell of a long wait for a second album, in which time I suspect you pretty much have to start again as fans will easily have forgot, and even moved onto other music and artists.

Hope it’s not too late for Eden Lost, as “Breaking The Silence” has the substance of songs to attract the Melodic Rock / AOR audience with good melodies and musicianship.

This recording easily can put the band back in the rock scene and land them into an international breakthrough, something the guys and their manager are working on hard.

Solid, good stuff.

EDEN LOST - Breaking The Silence (2012) back cover

Ignacio Prieto – Vocals

Jesus Laso, Javier Nieto – Guitars

Santi Hernandez – Bass

Javier Gallego – Keys

Jorge De La Cuerda – Drums



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