SHOW-YA – Genuine Diamond (2012)

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Most Hard Rock collectors know the name SHOW-YA, the all female act from Japan. I still enjoy their earlier AOR – Rock ’86 albums decidedly American sounding.

The band has big popularity in Asia and made a valiant attempt at making it worldwide in the second half of the eighties, touring Europe and the US, even recording a very good album in 1989 (‘Outer Limits’) in L.A. with Beau Hill producing.

Show-Ya disbanded in 1998, but reformed with the original line-up in 2005 for the 20th anniversary of their first LP. Now they’re releasing “Genuine Diamond”, Show-Ya’s first CD of original material since the band’s return.

“Genuine Diamond” is a late ’80s hard rock oriented album with some AOR touches. Potent riffs, strong synth presence and the good vocals of Keiko Terada. She mixes English lyrics with her native language, so sometimes could sound a bit weird if you are not accustomed to Japanese bands. Anyway, musically Show-Ya is an accomplished act.

First track “Bloody Rose” begins with a strong bass line, leading into a pretty sick guitar opening solo. Terada’s vocals harmoniously drift over the music, and for a moment, we are all transported into 1986. Sweet guitar licks give a bite to what could have otherwise been a sweet melody. The song then breaks into a heavy, overdriven guitar solo, and ends on an energetic note, ready to carry us into the next track headbanging.

“Outsider” follows in a more AOR vein with tinkling keyboards, rhythmical guitars and pulsating beats and bass. Terada’s voice carries the melody of the song which has a nice chorus.

We have more hard rockers in “Shooting Star”, the bluesy and catchy “Count8”, “Get My Beat” and “Saga”, the latter featuring vintage Hammond-like keyboards.

The other AORish numbers but still rocking are “Survivor” (my favorite), the melodic and acoustic filled “In My Arms” and the poppy ballad “Life With You”.

Although not their most consistent release (I heard almost all Show-Ya’s discography), “Genuine Diamond” is a nice opportunity to discover this good, experienced band.

They have the Hard & rockin’ AOR sounds to please the fans of the genre, with a twist, as most of listeners are not habituated to foreign lyrics. Something different to try.

Only released in Japan.

SHOW-YA - Genuine Diamond (2012) back cover

Keiko Terada – Vocals

Miki “sun-go” Igarashi – Guitars

Satomi Senba – Bass

Miki Nakamura – Keyboards

Miki Tsunoda – Drums


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