ALEX DE ROSSO – Lions & Lambs (2013)

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Italian ALEX DE ROSSO is one of those shredders that knows how to build a killer guitar work around a good song and not conversely, as many axeman, that privilege their flashy playing only.

That’s the case with his brand new 4th solo album “Lions & Lambs”, an impressive Hard Rock record where the ‘song’ is the King.

As member of Dokken during the past decade, De Rosso met many important names in the industry but also he is a highly requested session man having recorded in albums for BrunoRock, Pushking, Shadows Fade, Kelly Hansen’s Perfect World, ex- Toto’s Joseph Williams project Vertigo and the list continues.

Now, all these people are retributing in “Lions & Lambs” enhancing the album with their first class contributions.

But what makes this album so great in first place is the quality of the songs, Alex superb six-string playing of course, and the excellent production.

Besides, De Rosso sings very, very well and his bandmates Fabrizio Grossi &

Bob Parolin provide a truly meaty rhythm section. The drumming of Parolin is particularly remarkable.

What about the songs? There’s no weak track here.

With an elaborated Hard Rock in the vein of Dokken and Lynch’s Mob spiced with adult Melodic Rock moments recalling his splendid project Perfect World, “Lions & Lambs” is a complete album full of class.

Don Dokken lay down vocals on the dynamic opener “Disappear”, a melodious rocker with stabbing riffs and lovable arpeggios. Then “Resistance” up the tempo with De Rosso singing aggressively and featuring the first guitar duel between him and sustain master Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake).

“Something About You & Me” goes more MHR oriented mounted over clean guitars and a spacy melody. God Steve Lukather blows your head with a melodic note-gold solo.

Next, “Rise My Life” is perhaps my favorite between this collection of already great tracks. Uptempo hard rocker with a slightly darker tone which reminds you the good side of 2000’s Dokken, but what really shines here is the superb guitar fight in the solo between Alex and the immeasurable Reb Beach (Winger, Dokken, Whitesnake). Awesome.

“Your Mirror” slows down the pace as it’s a sweet acoustic ballad, followed by the effective riff-festival of “It Doesn’t Matter Now” with guitars down-tuned a little.

“Another Million Years” shows again Alex’s Melodic Rock side, a midtempo much in the style of Perfect World with acoustics blended with bluesy electric guitars and an endeless chorus.

“Feel the Hope” features the lead guitar contribution of George Lynch, and you would expect a fierce hot metalized track. But the guys surprise us with a bluesy hard rocker with great atmosphere and a melodic chorus.

Then Whitesnake’s keyboardist Timothy Drury has the chance to show his vocal abilities on “Chasing Illusions”. A calm and charming piece featuring very good harmonies and a sweet melody. Drury nailed it and he’s really good at the mic! Great track.

For the end we have a cover of Alice In Chains’ “Them Bones”, in my book the best track this band ever wrote. De Rosso’s version is faithful to the original but his guitar arrangements and playing are more hard rockin’ and dynamic. Terrific cover.

You have read extensively my opinion about “Lions & Lambs”.

I think there is nothing more to add; this is a Killer CD.

Highly Recommended.

01. Disappear (lead vocals: Don Dokken)

02. Resistance (lead guitars: Doug Aldrich)

03. Something About You & Me (lead guitars: Steve Lukather)

04. Rise My Life (lead guitars: Reb Beach)

05. Your Mirror

06. It Doesn’t Matter Now

07. Another Million Years

08. Feel the Hope (lead guitars: George Lynch)

09. Chasing Illusions (lead guitars: Timothy Drury)

10. Them Bones

Alex De Rosso: Guitar, Lead and Backing Vocals

Fabrizio Grossi: Bass

Bob Parolin: Drums

Don Dokken: guest Lead Vocals

Timothy Drury: guest Lead Vocals

Doug Aldrich: guest Lead Guitar

Steve Lukather: guest Lead Guitar

Reb Beach: guest Lead Guitar

George Lynch: guest Lead Guitar


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