ALICATE – Free Falling (2013)

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ALICATE hails from Sweden, formed in 1985 by singer / guitarist Jonas Erixon & bassist Fredrik Ekberg, and even though suffering constant lineup changes and a long breaks in between the combo is still alive after more than a quarter century.

Alicate published a single in 1989, but their official full length debut (indie) arrived four years ago, and now, stronger than ever and firmly determined to establish themselves as a solid act they are releasing “Free Falling”.

Alicate’s style ranges from elaborated Melodic Hard Rock to rather pompous classic AOR sounds with echoes to Magnum (UK), Treat and commercial Whitesnake, the latter reinforced by Jonas Erixon’s pipes sometimes recalling David Coverdale.

When his vocals turns more melodious as on the soaring “Out Of Bounds” or the catchy “I Believe” Jonas reminds you Bob Catley, and of course Magnum.

Uptempo and melodic rocking hard numbers “Still Standing”, the Scandi sounding “Forevermore” and “Make A Wish” are influenced by Treat and alikes, while the effective tittle track “Free Falling” has a British scent, all songs with surrounding keyboards in the background.

The Sabbath-Tony Martin like “Wake Me Up” has a groovy hook in its conception with Hammonds and more thick riffs, while stylized and melodic arrangements embellish the AOR midtempo semi-ballad “When Night Falls”, one of the highlights.

Late ’80s Whitesnake can be heard in the fine “Can’t Change It” delivering a complete guitar work, then the CD ends with the aural AOR slow number “Carpe Diem” (not strictly a ballad) in great form.

“Free Falling” is a truly classic MHR sounding album blending Scandi and British influences in a very enjoyable way.

You have some hard rocking and AOR tunes as well, balancing this quite elaborated set of tracks carefully arranged and performed. The songs are ‘clean’ and polished with a good production helping in its purpose.

As unit, Alicate is a homogeneous, complete band which has crafted in “Free Falling” a delightful album with all the sounds and hooks in the right place.

One of the surprises of this very promising year.

Easily Recommended.

01 – Still Standing

02 – Wake Me Up

03 – When Night Falls

04 – Out Of Bounds

05 – Forevermore

06 – I Believe

07 – Make A Wish

08 – Can’t Change It

09 – Free Falling

10 – Carpe Diem

Jonas Erixon – Vocals, Guitar

Fredrik Ekberg – Bass, Backing Vocals

Glenn ljungkvist – Keyboards

Jesper Persson – Drums


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