ALICATE – Unforgiven To Be Forgiven (2018)

ALICATE - Unforgiven To Be Forgiven (2018) full

After five years since their last album, Swedish rockers ALICATE aare band with new effort titled “Unforgiven To Be Forgiven” to be released tomorrow. The band is not an example of prolific releases, but have been together since 1985 (!) formed by singer / guitarist Jonas Erixon & bassist Fredrik Ekberg.
“Unforgiven To Be Forgiven” is their third full length, showcasing the band stronger than ever and firmly determined to establish themselves as a solid act in the current melodic / hard rock scene.

Alicate’s style ranges from elaborated Melodic Hard Rock to rather pompous sounds with echoes to Magnum (UK), and the Whitesnake comparison is inevitable due to Erixon’s pipes sometimes recalling David Coverdale. When his vocals turns more melodious as on the soaring “Scream” or the midtempo “Erase & Rewind”, he reminds you Bob Catley, and of course Magnum.

What I really like about Alicate is the clever inclusion of pianos on several songs, as on the superbly melodic and dynamic “Where Do We Go – Where Do We Hide”, the melodic rocker ‘Last Breath’ (with some House Of Lords in it), and the very Whitesnake-like ‘Cry No More’ – great tune and a favorite.

For more heavier material there’s ‘Facing My Fear’ recalling Jorn, but even here the pianos / synths creates a sweet atmosphere, then in ‘I Don’t Mind’ they add that aforementioned Magnum touch, and perhaps a bit of TEN, also heard in the closer semi-ballad ‘All To Win’.

ALICATE - Unforgiven To Be Forgiven (2018) inside

Alicate takes some time between albums, but this benefits the overall final product and “Unforgiven To Be Forgiven” is their best album to date.
The songs are consistent throughout, with varied passages, great lead vocals / harmony choruses, some killer solos to boot and a potent, clear production.
Classic stuff in the vein of Magnum, TEN, House Of Lords, Whitesnake, Jorn’s melodic side… you get the picture.
Highly Recommended

01. Unforgiven
02. Facing My Fear
03. Scream
04. Erase & Rewind
05. Coming Home (Farewell Part 2)
06. I Don’t Mind
07. Where Do We Go – Where Do We Hide
08. Last Breath
09. Cry No More
10. All To Win

Jonas Erixon – vocals, guitar
Fredrik Ekberg – bass
Michael Åkesson – lead guitar
Glenn ljungkvist – keyboards
Jesper Persson – drums


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