VALENTINE (Robby) – A Tribute To Queen 2 + Save Myself EP

VALENTINE (Robby) - A Tribute To Queen 2 + Save Myself EP - full

This one was requested here with the recent ROBBY VALENTINE posts of rare material: “A Tribute To Queen 2“.
In 2011 Valentine released ‘A Tribute To Queen’ featuring his own studio versions of Queen songs.
Due its success, and the Dutch’s love for Queen music, in 2012 he released this second album, “A Tribute To Queen 2” including new covers.

Then, in 2014, Robby decided to combine both Tribute albums together into one CD: “The Queen Album 2014”. However, 3 tracks from “A Tribute To Queen 2” were re-recorded, and one omitted.

On “A Tribute To Queen 2” we find the original Valentine recordings of ‘Crazy Little Thing Called Love’ and ‘Dear Friends’, a different take on ‘We Will Rock You’ (fast version), and we have the exclusive ‘Rock Medley’ including ‘One Vision’ + ‘Now I’m Here’ + ‘Hammer To Fall’.

VALENTINE (Robby) - A Tribute To Queen 2 - disc

This “A Tribute To Queen 2” is really hard to find (never seen in the blogosphere / forums) and a must for collectors.
And to make it more juicy we have added as bonus the limited edition 2009 EP “Save Myself”, the track from Robby’s album Androgenius, including to exclusive versions (Radio Edit and Semi-Acoustic Version) plus the non-album track ‘The Lonesome Road’.
Highly Recommended

You’ve seen it first here, at 0dayrox

A Tribute To Queen 2 :
01 – We Will Rock You (fast version) *
02 – Tie Your Mother Down
03 – Under Pressure
04 – ’39
05 – Fat Bottomed Girls
06 – Don’t Stop Me Now
07 – Dear Friends *
08 – Seven Seas Of Rhye
09 – Rock Medley:
One Vision / Now I’m Here / Hammer To Fall *
10 – Crazy Little Thing Called Love *
11 – God Save The Queen

VALENTINE (Robby) Save Myself EP

Save Myself EP (2009) :
01 – Save Myself (Album Version)
02 – Save Myself (Radio Edit)
03 – Save Myself (Semi-Acoustic Version)
04 – The Lonesome Road (Previously Unreleased)

All instruments, vocals: Robby Valentine
Harmony vocals: Marlies, Johan Willems


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