ALIEN (Sweden) – Alien [Original Edition reissue] (2012)

ALIEN (Sweden) - Alien [Original Edition reissue] (2012)


It all started back in 1986 when ALIEN completed the lineup and recorded their first single.

The Swedish, Gothenburg based awesome band soon got the deserved deal with a major company and flew to L.A. to record the foundational album “Alien” produced by AOR guru Chris Minto.

This is a seminal Scandi AOR disc packed with 12 superb songs full of magic conducted by the extraordinary guitar work from Tony Borg and the soaring, perfect Jim Jidhed high pitch vocals that would make Steve Perry green with envy.

The album was re-mixed for the US market one year later, published with different artwork and song selection, but this original version with the ‘real’ Scandi sound still is the fan favorite.

Long time out of print and really hard to find, “Alien” is being reissued (December 2012) in conjunction by EMI Scandinavia and a Greek label on a Limited Edition of 1000 copies. This is the real deal, the original recording / mix remastered from the master tapes, with the original artwork.

Finally I have a physical CD of this gem, and I urge you to get a copy now as all will fly away really soon. You must have “Alien”, one of the Top-10 albums of all time in this genre.

“Alien” is a Scandi AOR / Melodic Rock Masterpiece. Period.

01. Brave New Love

02. Tears Don’t Put Out The Fire

03. Go Easy

04. I’ve Been Waiting

05. Jaime Remember

06. Feel My Love

07. Only One Woman

08. Wings Of Fire

09. Dying By The Golden Rule

10. Touch My Fire

11. Dreamer

12. Mirror

Vocals: Jim Jidhed

Guitars: Tony Borg

Keyboards: Jimmy Wandroph

Bass: Ken Sandin

Drums: Toby Tarrach


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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello, would you be so kind to tell me where can I buy the original "Alien" CD? Thanks!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Nice post indeed,very interested to hear this one, thanks.

  3. beholder says:

    I have had this album for nearly 25 Years and echo every praising word. A Masterpiece. No less. Alas they never lived up to this again…

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