BARISH KEPIC (Jaded Heart) – Addiction (2013)

BARISH KEPIC (Jaded Heart) - Addiction (2013) mp3 download


Guitarist and songwriter BARISH KEPIC joined German Melodic Hard rockers Jaded Heart in 1998 for the great ‘IV’ album, recording as well on the solid ‘Helluva Time’.

For the latter, Barish was involved more with the songwriting and as himself said, about 80% of the music on there was originally written for his first solo record.

So this gives you an idea of the material present in this, his 2nd album “Addiction”: this is not just a ‘shredder’ recording, all are song-focused numbers.

Barish is currently member of rockers PowerLorld, so he has not lost the ‘band sense’ for this new solo album. Mostly instrumental, “Addiction” sounds cohesive and like a real band album where the vocals are replaced by the guitars, in a way that the six-strings seems singing.

There’s a vocal track by the great Michael Bormann (ex- Jaded Heart as well) in the very good version of Jimi Hendrix’s classic “Little Wing”, but the star of the disc is Kepic’s complete playing and songwriting.

Rocking pieces like opener “Only By Night”, the groovy earlier Satriani-influenced “Lost In Samsara”, the dynamic “The Long Road” or the awesome ballad “Addiction” are a pleasure to the ear.

This is definitely a Hard Rock record without main singer but with a monster guitar work that replaces the lungs with a terrific ‘6-string voice’.

A must for every guitar freak but also to any hard rocker out there eager for well crafted songs played with heart & soul and a first class production.

Very Good.

01 – Only By Night

02 – The Long Road

03 – Lost In Samsara

04 – Vagabundear

05 – Blue Hearted

06 – All That Idle Talk

07 – Addiction

08 – While The City Sleeps

09 – Book Of Destiny

10 – Inside Illusions

11 – Little Wing (Jimi Hendrix cover)

Barish Kepic – Guitars, Bass, Keyboards

Sepp Bauer – Drums

Michael Bormann – Vocals

Chity Somapala – Keyboards

Ferdy Doernberg – Keyboards


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  1. DEEMON says:

    Fantastico disco. Pena que 99% é instrumental!! 90/100

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