JADED HEART – Stand Your Ground (2020)

JADED HEART - Stand Your Ground (2020) full

JADED HEART started their career in 1994 as an AOR/Melodic Rock band. As the years went by and band members shifted, Jaded Heart began refining just who they wanted to be, evolving into a melodic metal band with a hard rock groove.
On November 27, 2020 the German act will release album number 14, ”Stand Your Ground”, presenting a couple of ‘firsts‘ for the band: “Stand Your Ground” is the first Jaded Heart album without keyboards and also their first album to have its lyrics penned by and outside songwriter.
And all that works… “Stand Your Ground” is a hot, rocking, driving kick ass record full of fire.


01. Inception
02. Stand Your Ground
03. One Last Time
04. Reap What You Sow
05. Break Free
06. Hero To Zero
07. Kill Your Masters
08. Embrace A Demon
09. Hopelessly Addicted
10. Self Destruction
11. Stay
12. Lost In Confusion
13. Inside A Hurricane

Michael Muller – Bass
Johan Fahlberg – Vocals
Peter Ostros – Guitars
Bodo Stricker – Drums
Masa Eto – Guitars


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