JADED HEART – Common Destiny (2012)

JADED HEART - Common Destiny (2012)


Germany and Sweden are recognized for their top class Melodic Hard Rock acts, and if you take musicians from both countries into one outfit you can expect a great musical delivery.

That’s the case of hard rockers JADED HEART, whose ranks not only German’s Mad Max drummer Axel Kruse but also Swedish singer Johan Fahlberg.

“Common Destiny” is the 11th album by this solid band celebratring their twentieth anniversary.

On this new album Jaded Heart is better than never, offering their trademark ‘widescreen rock’, stadium-ready Euro Hard Rock full of fat sounds, modern-inspired riffs, subtle keyboards and big choruses.

Although certainly more rooted in the Melodic Rock sector, “Common Destiny” beat your ears on many places with pretty metallic sounds – such as the stomping groovy “Saints Denied”, filled with crunchy riffs and a stunnig lead guitar work by swedish chief guitarist Peter Ă–stros.

On tracks like “Buried Alive”, “Are We Mental” and “Life Is Beautiful”, Jaded Heart excels in the ’80s-style choruses with its Whitesnake feel, largely due to Johan Fahlberg’s golden throat who has added to the band’s sound a distinctive touch.

In “Run And Hide” for example, the singer has no problems to reach higher notes without losing control, nor his deep and rich vocal tone.

“Common Destiny” is another solid, consistent album by Jaded Heart, a band that lately has tightened their sound but never lost the catchiness factor.

There’s no time for ballads on Jaded Heart 2012, just guitar driven Melodic Hard Rock delivered with power and class. The synths / keyboards are always present on the band’s music, but now adding textures and enriching the melodies in the background.

The production of “Common Destiny” is similar in size to the songs included: big, massive, overwhelming. Handled by Michael Voss (Mad Max) and the band, these new songs sound truly crispy and striking, also helped by Chris Lausmann’s (Bonfire) engineering and mixing.


1. With You

2. Saints Denied

3. Into Tears

4. Buried Alive

5. I Believe

6. Run and Hide

7. Are We Mental

8. My Destiny

9. No More Lies

10. Life Is Beautiful

11. Higher

12. Fire And Flames

Johan Fahlberg (Vocals)

Michael Mueller (Bass)

Peter Oestros (Guitars)

Henning Wanner (Keyboards)

Axel Kruse (Drums)



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