MICHAEL BORMANN’s JADED HEART – Feels Like Yesterday (2019)

MICHAEL BORMANN's JADED HEART - Feels Like Yesterday (2019) full

Of course, the band’s name is no coincidence: “Feels Like Yesterday“ by the former JADED HEART frontman MICHAEL BORMANN is the album the current incarnation of the band would never put out because they developed into a totally different direction musically since they parted ways with Bormann in 2004.
But it’s this record that exactly satisfies the desire of old fans: classic melodic rock with soaring harmonies and catchy choruses.

Time flies by. Nearly three decades have passed since the foundation of Jaded Heart, with the band releasing their first 6 albums with Bormann at the mic, all stupendous slices of classic melodic hard rock / AOR.
The paths separated in 2004 after fourteen crazy years when the other band members decided to change to a more hard n’ heavy sound.

Due to requests from first time fans all over the world, Michael Bormann started touring Europe in 2017 with a selection of Jaded Heart best songs between 1990 and 2004. The phenomenal response led Michael to the decision to go one step further.
He formed a new band properly baptized MICHAEL BORMANN’s JADED HEART, finished ol ideas and wrote new songs in the original Jaded Heart style, and the record contract arrived; “Feels Like Yesterday” will be released tomorrow for all melodic hard rock fans rejoice.

Michael Bormann knows how to write a catchy tune, and he knows the necessary tricks into the studio to make a Melodic Rock song sound good. So it’s not surprising that “Feels Like Yesterday“ makes justice to its title.
This is classic stuff with a late ’80s vibe and that Nineties European style for the genre, vibrant and punchy at places, smooth and delicate at others when Bormann pick up his acoustic guitar.

No matter if you listen to this CD on your favorite player with the ‘random on’: from opener “Feels Like I‘m Living“ or the following title track “Feels Like Yesterday“ (as it really does) or the brilliant tunes “Bring Me Higher Love“, “Everybody Is a Rockstar” or “Mr. Mysterious“ – your favorite track change every time you listen to ’em.
All are darn good songs, there‘s no weak moment in sight here.

To cut a long story short – if you liked Michael Bormann’s work with Jaded Heart, or better said, the finest European Melodic Hard Rock / AOR from the ’80s / ’90s, this album indeed “Feels Like Yesterday”.
HIGHLY Recommended


01 – Feel Like I’m Living
02 – It Feels Like Yesterday
03 – Won’t Surrender
04 – Bring Me Higher Love
05 – We’d Still Make It
06 – Mr Mysterious
07 – Good Times
08 – Just One More Step Away
09 – Don’t You Ever Leave
10 – I’m a Son of a Gun
11 – Shout It All Out
12 – Everybody Is a Rockstar

Michael Bormann – Vocals
Chris Ivo – Keyboards
Christoph Baumeister – Bass
Michael ‘Maikel’ M?ller – Drums
Tommy Dahlem – Guitar


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