SHADOW CIRCUS – On A Dark And Stormy Night (2013)

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Brainchild of exquisite guitarist John Fontana, US prog rockers SHADOW CIRCUS were founded in 2006 releasing two albums so far.

Here in 2013, Shadow Circus is a quintet and with this new line-up are presenting today, January 15th, “On A Dark And Stormy Night”, their brand new wonderful work.

“On A Dark and Stormy Night” is primarily symphonic progressive rock with influences from the classic acts of the genre, but also some hard rocking sections reminiscent of the eighties and brief hints of stylized prog metal prevent things from ever sounding too familiar.

The lyrics are based on the award-winning science fiction fantasy classic, A Wrinkle In Time, by Madeleine L’Engle, and is being released with the full cooperation of the L’Engle estate as it coincides with the 50th anniversary of the original publication of the book.

Using all the latest technologies, Shadow Circus inject plenty of bombast, melody and power into this storyline, and for fans of classic progressive rock, there’s plenty to enjoy.

From the aggressive, symphonic pieces “Daddy’s Gone” and “Whosit, Whatsit & Which”, to the grand & majestic piano led “Make Way for the Big Show”, the band doesn’t skimp on big arrangements and soaring melodies.

They can also really rock out when they want to, like on the Dream Theater-meets-Deep Purple influenced burner “Tesseract”, complete with some heavy grooves, scorching guitar and symphonic keyboards.

Then again, if it’s lush, melodic prog you crave in the style of Yes, look no further than the lovely “Uriel”, which features some of Silver’s most stunning keyboard textures on the album.

Lead vocalist Bobick does a fine job throughout, but he’s perhaps at his best on the dark, menacing closer “The Battle For Charles Wallace”, a real heavy tune in spots with crushing guitar from Fontana, loads of keyboards, and on the soaring vocal sections a great performance from Bobick.

There’s beauty, passion, emotion and power throughout “On A Dark and Stormy Night”, a progressive rock album that pretty much works on all levels.

Epic for those who like the prog rock greats of the ’70s, just heavy enough in spots and with plenty of musical virtuosity for the prog metal crowd, and a well crafted concept based on a beloved book that will surely please both camps.

Shadow Circus have certainly started off 2013 with a real bang.

Highly Recommended.

01. Overture

02. Daddy’s Gone

03. Whosit, Whatsit and Which

04. Make Way For The Big Show

05. Tesseract

06. Uriel

07. Camazotz

08. Ixchel

09. The Battle For Charles Wallace

David Bobick – vocals

John Fontana – guitars, keyboards

David Silver – keyboards

Mark Masek – bass, cello, 12 string nylon guitar

Jason Brower – drums, percussion


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