DAN REED – Signal Fire (2013)

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After his successful eighties / nineties musical journey fronting the global sensation and multi-selling outfit The Dan Reed Network, singer & songwriter DAN REED moved to India for a somehow spiritual retreat.

Reed returned to the musical business a couple years ago with a very good album under his own name, and now on Feb. 25 his second solo effort “Signal Fire” will hit the stores.

Dan’s catchy melodic rock of the past is now fused with softly sung sweet melodies and vocal harmonies, accompanied by reflexive lyrics.

Title track “Signal Fire” has a truly brilliant song structure and what a grand way to open up this release with this uptempo hooky tune – the catchiness is all over.

There’s a unique vocal performance on the the bouncy follower “All I Need Is You”, an then track three “Only Love” is another song filled with happiness and obvious enjoyment in the way of an acoustic ballad.

More classic rock feel and sound crops up throughout the collection on such numbers as “Sing To Me” and the countrified “Soul Warrior”, with a great acoustic groove and another slice of perfection on the chorus.

This is Dan Reed, and the man knows how to write superb songs. But there’s more.

“End Of The World” offers up a perfect musical balance of mellowness and songwriting finesse and those dreamy vocal tones that most vocalists would die for.

All of Dan Reed’s life experiences and refined musical knowledge have helped mould this beautiful collection of songs beyond the point of just music; there’s definitely a spiritual vibe all over this album which makes it even more enthralling.

And that spiritual feel is evident on the super commercial Melodic Rock of “Last Leaf” and the chanty, infectious grooves of “Avalanche”.

We have certain retro feel at places, especially on “Slow Down”, but it’s the slower paced tunes such as “Beloved” and “All Night” that shine magnificently, stand out here and ooze out intelligent musicianship and a wonderful studio production of note courtesy of Dan and Steve Daiker.

Then there’s “Indestructible”, a mood-filled piano piece that flows so creatively amidst the soft vocal harmonies and instrumental harmonies, whilst the album closes with “Drive On” and more beautifully crafted song arrangements.

Dan Reed is a musician who, unlike many folks who’ve made comebacks in recent years, is far from trading on past glories but rather he is continuing to grow as an artist.

Still producing music that is timeless, inventive and engaging, Dan Reed’s fire is certainly burning brightly, and his new album “Signal Fire” proves this via its memorable crafting and exuberant melodies.

“Signal Fire” is an impressive, soulful, uplifting and melodius piece of work plenty of class and finesse.

Highly Recommended.

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01 – Signal Fire

02 – All I Need Is You

03 – Only Love

04 – Sing To Me

05 – End Of The World

06 – Last Leaf

07 – Avalanche

08 – Slow Down

09 – Beloved

10 – All Night

11 – Indestructible

12 – Soul Warrior

13 – Drive On

Lead Vocals, Bass, Guitar, Keyboards – Dan Reed

Guitar, Keyboards – Rob Daiker

Keyboards – Dan Reed, Kfir Shtivi, Rob Daiker

Piano, Synthesizer – Brooke Lizotte

Bass – Bengan Jonasson

Percussion – Mike Collins, Joe Mengis

Drums – Robert Ikiz, Joe Mengis, Henka Johansson

DAN REED - Signal Fire (2013) back cover



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