DAN REED NETWORK – Origins (2018)

DAN REED NETWORK - Origins (2018) full

The DAN REED NETWORK machine is ready to start the engines at the end of this 2018, headlining a UK tour in support of their impending new album “Origins” to be released tomorrow.
“Origins” is an interesting concept and is perhaps best viewed as a live album recorded in the studio, of course, captured with a pristine sound quality.

Over the past year or so, DRN have recorded themselves in various studios (Manchester, NYC, Portland and Stockholm) in front of a fab audience. They’ve also involved the ‘Networkers’ on the choruses.
For anyone who has seen the band performing live in the past few years this will come as no surprise, and for the rest, a really enjoyable, creative record.

The more recent history of the Dan Reed Network has been one of rock’s more compelling and genuine comebacks. Perhaps indirectly, Dan solo career paved the way for the DNR comeback, not least because he demonstrated there was still a demand for the songs, some of which appear here.
Fast forward to their home city of Portland on New Year’s Eve 2012, when they reformed, and their trajectory has been upward ever since.

For some older bands in 2018 they are seemingly filling a creative void in modern music and having a second chance.
In the example of Dan Reed Network they not only have the back catalog but arguably they are sounding better than ever. 2016′s ‘Fight Another Day’ demonstrated also their relevance, skillfully mixing an ’80s vibe with their signature funk rock sound and with a handful of really outstanding tunes.

DAN REED NETWORK - Origins (2018) disc

The single ‘Fade To Light’ sums up the fan-friendly approach of ‘Origins’ although – as with another new song ‘Right In Front Of Me’ – the guitar riffs are quite elaborated.
There is a consistent quality to the new material and another obvious “single” is the radio-friendly ‘Shameless’.

‘Ritual’, ‘Forgot To Make Her Mine’, ‘Let It Go’ (originally on ‘The Heat’ in 1991) and ‘Rainbow Child’ demonstrate the relevance of those songs to a millennium audience and accurately reflect the band’s current live performances. All are gently updated for modern ears.
And as with the previous album the performances are convincing, with joint producer Rob Daiker’s keyboards a real asset.

DAN REED NETWORK - Origins (2018) inside

It took mainstream media (and fans to be truthful) a little while to catch up with Dan Reed and DRN but recent tours, festival appearances, and now this solid new album ‘Origins’ will cement their comeback.
A really good, infectious collection of songs from their early Nineties years – yet updated , and new strong material, Dan Reed Network’s new album will please fans of all decades.
Highly Recommended

01. Fade to Light
02. Ritual
03. Right in Front of Me
04. Forgot to Make Her Mine
05. Shameless
06. Let it Go
07. One Last Time
08. Rainbow Child

Dan Reed – Lead Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Brion James – Guitars, Keys, Vocals
Melvin Brannon II – Bass, Vocals
Rob Daiker – Keyboards, Programming, Vocals
Dan Pred – Drums, Percussion


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