DAN REED – Confessions (2017)

DAN REED - Confessions (2017) full

After the comeback album with The Dan Reed Network last year, DAN REED is going solo again this September 14th with “Confessions“, his brand new album.
A true ‘solo’ album as sees Reed performing all instruments and vocals alongside programming the beats and synth parts.

According to Reed, for “Confessions” he wanted to create a genuine ‘solo’ album to push his own comfort zone as a keyboardist and guitarist, creating something entirely from self-expression.
Musically, it is not far from Dan’s previous 3 solo albums, perhaphs more atmospheric / synth based yeas as always, beautifully crafted and arranged with sublime melodies.

This is not a concept album, but the 10 songs here are connected by Dan Reed’s spiritual positivity, as he tells us that even when we are left broken by the pursuit of love, we should never abandon the dream.
This might seem hopelessly naive, but on this fourth solo album, he makes it all work. Because the flair and depth of his musical passion overcomes any cynicism.

The music has a gentle flow and glorious delight in life. The pace is sedate, but it leaves an indelible impression. Reed’s vocal method of telling a story through minimal modulation lifts songs like ‘Smile’, ‘Distant Star’ and ‘Cave In’, making them feel both fresh yet also as if you’ve heard them a thousand times before.

DAN REED - Confessions (2017) inside

On “Confessions” Dan Reed mixes acoustic nuances with funk flexes, and in doing so has created a richly rewarding yet understated album. He oozes a supple class.
Highly Recommended

01. A Piece Of Home
02. Soul Survivor
03. Smile
04. Day One
05. Distant Star
06. Fragile
07. Cave In
08. Lift You Up
09. On Fire
10. The Great Divide

Dan Reed – vocals, all instruments
Geoff Tyson, Martin Tidmarsh – guitar solos
Rob Daiker – guitar solos, programming, mix

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