DIRTY THRILLS – Heavy Living (2017)

DIRTY THRILLS - Heavy Living (2017) full

The sound of vintage Whitesnake, Led Zeppelin and Rival Sons has been fused together to create the sound that is DIRTY THRILLS. “Heavy Living“, their debut album with Frontiers Music is set for release on September 15th, and it is one hell of an album.

Dirty Thrills have a rotten name and a terrific sound. Rather than ’80s cock rock their handle suggests, the youthful London four-piece offer taut, coiled modern hard ‘n blues rock that deftly stradles 1977 and 2017 in the same way as Rival Sons. In exactly the same way.
The way this exceptionally talented group of musicians got together and formed Dirty Thrills is the type of thing you read in superstars’ autobiographies. It all started in a peaceful pub in the heart of Wiltshire during a brilliantly successful drunken jam where by the end of it the quartet had clicked and are now well on their way to rock and roll super stardom.

Opening with the explosive ‘I’ll Be With You,’ the bass line laid down by Aaron Plows instantly grabs you. The harmonica takes centre stage during the breakdown in ‘Go Slow’ and the guitar solo soon swoops in and steals the attention.
Things soften up for ‘Lonely Soul’ where the vocal control of Louis James is able to shine through, and the super catchy ‘No Resolve’ is at track number six ready to get crowds singing along.

DIRTY THRILLS - Heavy Living (2017) inside

The ultimate standout moment of this album is without a doubt ‘Interlude’ for its phenomenal and extremely atmospheric, wailing vocals. Then you have electrifying bluesy hard rockers in ‘Law Man’ and ‘The Brave’.
‘Drunk Words’ has a strong groove, while closer ‘Get Loose’ is a shiny, high-energy rock and roll number ready for the arenas that will get crowds pumping their fists in the air.

The bottom line is simple. With creativity, enthusiasm, and respectful passion for the genre, Dirty Thrills reinterprets classic heavy blues rock for the modern era.
Strongly Recommended

01. I’ll Be With You
02. Go Slow
03. Law Man
04. Hanging Around
05. Lonely Soul
06. No Resolve
07. Interlude
08. The Brave
09. Rabbit Hole
10. Drunk Words
11. Get Loose

Louis James – Lead Vocals, Harmonica
Jack Fawdry – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Steve Corrigan – Drums
Aaron Plows – Bass

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