THE CUSTODIAN – Necessary Wasted Time (2013)

THE CUSTODIAN - Necessary Wasted Time (2013) mp3 download


Mysterious UK band THE CUSTODIAN are presenting the debut CD “Necessary Wasted Time”. That adjective is not referred to their music, but for the fact the band members wish to remain in obscurity about their identities.

They are a four piece consisting of: “F” (vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards), “A” (guitars), “P” (acoustic guitar) and “J” (bass).

Anonymity not withstanding these individuals will make a name for themselves if they continue to deliver tremendous product like this.

“Necessary Wasted Time” offers prime melodic progressive rock with a modern sound, a great blend of electric & acoustic guitars, diverse keyboards and precise beats.

Actually, it might even be fanciful to say that The Custodians are ‘custodians’ of the great tradition of English prog rock, art rock and some stylized melodic rock.

What you will hear is some very strong, not necessarily overly complex, compositions that features terrific melodies via a superb interplay between keyboards, acoustic and electric guitars.

You’ll catch some of that latter element throughout, but it’s especially remarkable on “Other People’s Lives”, “Persona” and “Things We Tell Ourselves”. The latter is also one of the heavier pieces here, nearing a metal edge.

In “Stop Talking” the layered guitars and keyboards lay down a great foundation for the track as it flows through various tempo changes. Vocals are initially processed creating an excellent atmosphere to the song. “F” has a vocal range that blends very well with the compositions and the harmonies fill in quite nice when utilized. One wishes songs like this would find their way to radio stations rather than most of the ‘stuff’ that is out there.

“Departure” is the track where the synths get more presence, accompanied by a strong, sometimes spacial guitar work.

The ending title track cut “Necessary Wasted Time” summarizes The Custodian’s all the best elements; exemplary instrumental passages and fantastic vocals take this almost nine minute track to the top of my list.

This one features some very catchy riffs and perfect time changes, near the end of the song there are some vocal effects that sound a bit like a radio or PA announcer which is followed by a beautiful piano passage at around the six minute mark. The listener is then brought back to the opening instrumental piece of the song followed by a tasteful guitar solo that finishes up the track.

The Custodian’s “Necessary Wasted Time” simply sounds great; this is attractive and entertaining prime melodic progressive rock with a modern approach and a distinctive style.

As a debut album, this CD is superb in terms of musicality and class. Each track has you swaying along with the music.

“Necessary Wasted Time” gives you the feeling that there is never any rush to proceedings and the songs travel at the pace they should. There is a terrific balance between the electric and acoustic areas of the band and the result is this stunning debut album.

Strongly Recommended.

01. The Man Out Of Time

02. Stop Talking

03. Other People’s Lives

04. Persona

05. Things We Tell Ourselves

06. Departure

07. The Sun Is God

08. Necessary Wasted Time

F – vocals, guitar, drums, keyboards

A – guitars

P – acoustic guitar

J – bass


Increasing even more the mystery, the band has momentarily taken down links to buy the CD (Amazon, CDBaby, etc).

“There is a very good reason for this. All will be revealed asap. Don’t worry, its a good thing – The Custodians”.

Meanwhile, you can pre-order a signed copy here;

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