PLACE VENDOME – Thunder In The Distance [Japanese Edition] (2013)

PLACE VENDOME - Thunder In The Distance [Japanese Edition] (2013) full bonus track


Michael Kiske is returning with his other ‘child’ PLACE VENDOME and its third album “Thunder In The Distance”. The CD will be released on Frontiers Records next November 4, but as usual the Japanese version is out on the streets today.

Alongside Kiske singing on all tracks the band features Uwe Reitenauer (Pink Cream 69) on lead guitars, Dirk Bruineberg on drums and Gunter Werno on keyboards. The omnipresent, talented Dennis Ward contributes the bass lines and he also handled the production again.
I think I don’t need to explain how “Thunder In The Distance” sounds. Ward is a brand when it comes to fantastic productions, you’ll get another crystal clear high-class production here. So, the whole band sounds tight and very enjoyable.
This time the songwriting team consists of the likes of Tommy Denander, Magnus Karlsson, Timo Tolkki, Thomas Vikstrom and among others, Alessandro Del Vecchio, all top people from the current MHR/AOR scene.

PLACE VENDOME - Thunder In The Distance [Japanese Edition] (2013) bonus track

Musically “Thunder In The Distance” is a bit punchier than previous Place Vendome albums, still presenting some serious AOR moments.
Try out “It Can Rain Forever” for a serving of prime modern AOR, with “Power Of Music” and “Heaven Lost” not far behind, while “Hold Your Love” and “Maybe Tomorrow” verge into that territory marked as Melodic Hard Rock power ballad.
The album’s title track and especially “Talk To Me” and “Broken Wings” turn up the volume and the intensity to excellent effect, allowing Kiske to soar as only he can.

Simply put, “Thunder In The Distance” is a slick mix of keyboard led pomp, guitar slicing rockers and soaring strong ballads. In short; a Melodic Rocker’s dream.
Highly Recommended.

01. Talk To Me
02. Power Of Music
03. Broken Wings
04. Lost In Paradise
05. It Can’t Rain Forever
06. Fragile Ground
07. Hold Your Love
08. Never Too Late
09. Heaven Lost
10. My Heart Is Dying
11. Breakout
12. Maybe Tomorrow
13. Thunder In The Distance
14. Maybe Tomorrow (Orchestral Version) [Japan Bonus Track]

Michael Kiske – Lead Vocals
Dennis Ward – Bass, Guitars, Backing Vocals
Dirk Bruineberg– Drums
Gunter Werno – Keyboards
Uwe Reitenauer – Lead guitars
Mixed and produced by Dennis Ward


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