IRISH COFFEE – When The Owl Cries (2015)

IRISH COFFEE - When The Owl Cries (2015) full


Despite their name, IRISH COFFEE hails from Belgium, starting their activities in the seventies. They released a cult self-titled LP (with a copy recently sold for over $1000) and some singles. Then leader William Souffreau pursued a solo career but brought to life Irish Coffee again ten years ago, recording a live album and recently a ‘Revisited’ old songs CD.
Now, with a revitalized young line-up, Irish Coffee are presenting “When The Owl Cries“, a 12-track collection of truly enjoyable traditional Classic Rock.

Classic Rock nowadays means traditional Hard Rock, bluesy riffs with groove, and timeless melodies.
This is late seventies inspired stuff with clean vocals, wah-wah guitars, rounded bass lines, Hammond organs, yet all very dynamic and updated to modern times.

IRISH COFFEE - When The Owl Cries (2015) cd

Since the feel-good opener “Rock On”, the band demonstrates their abilities. Souffreau has a soulful crisp voice and a classic guitar style with a valvular amp sound.

There’s more nice rockers on the groovier “Gotta Keep On Running”, the catchy “Here We Come”, “Gotta Move” (Kinks cover and a tribute to their 50th anniversary), and the greasy “Playhouse”. But my favorite is closing track, the hot, really classy “Ain’t No Time For Dying”, a highlight.
All is balanced by melodic numbers like the sweet “Decent Life” (great melody), the slow-burner bluesy mid-tempo “When The Owl Cries”, the gentle “Guitars And Beer”, or Irish Coffee’s re-recording of their old song “I’m Alive”.

IRISH COFFEE - When The Owl Cries (2015) back

“When The Owl Cries” is Classic Rock, timeless rocking music very well composed and performed by these Belgians. It’s all good stuff, very enjoyable and wrapped by an excellent, pristine production.
Very Recommended.

01 – Rock On
02 – Decent Life
03 – Gotta Keep On Running
04 – Gotta Move
05 – When The Owl Cries
06 – Here We Come
07 – Guitars And Beer
08 – Sick And Tired
09 – Playhouse
10 – I’m Alive
11 – I Hate War
12 – Ain’t No Time For Dying

William Souffreau: Guitar, Vocals
Frankie Cooreman: Bass
Kris Vandercammen: Drums
Stany Van Veer: Organ, Piano


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