TRENCH DOGS – Fashionably Late (2015)

TRENCH DOGS - Fashionably Late (2015) full


TRENCH DOGS is a new Swedish quartet presenting their debut EP ironically titled “Fashionably Late“, as their music is strongly inspired by the late ’80s Sunset Strip movement.
Despite the guy’s look and the present trend from Scandinavia, Trench Dogs are not a sleaze band. At least not your typical sleaze as it’s currently being done in that region of the planet.

Trench Dogs started as a band around three years ago in Stockholm, and their new material was taped in demo form conducted and produced by Martin Sweet (Crashdïet guitarist). Sweet provided more than a tip encouraging the guys to find their own, personal sound & style.
Forward 2015, Trench Dogs recorded / released “Fashionably Late” by themselves, now available on physical CD.

Since opener “Self-Sabotage” you can feel Trench Dogs are not just sleaze but more timeless Rock ‘n Roll. I hear influences from the likes of Dogs D’Amour, Hanoi Rocks or Pretty Vacant, but the guys sound quite original.
Then “Thunder In the Badlands” adds the ‘catchy factor’ via a foot-tapping rhythm and a vintage guitar sound, while “Ode to Ashes” goes mid-tempo and adds a melodic rock touch (and some acoustic guitars).
For the last cut the band decided to show their sense of humor with “Silver Tongue”, indeed a tongue-in-cheek Rock ‘n’ Roll / Glam / Cowboy rocker with a lot of fun.

Trench Dogs are a promising new act from Sweden. US label Demon Doll Records has already included one of their tracks into the new GlamNation compilation (destined to scan the planet for the best up and coming bands in the Glam, Sleaze and Hard Rock genres) and are plans to sign-up Trench Dogs for a full length CD.
Very well produced and performed (polished & clear) “Fashionably Late” is a cool EP to taste this young band and what are capable of.

01 – Self-Sabotage
02 – Thunder In the Badlands
03 – Ode to Ashes
04 – Silver Tongue

Andy Hekkandi – Vox
Mattias Johansson – Guitars
Li Sick – Bass
Martin Andersson – Drums

physical CD:

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