WATCHMEN – Nowhere To Hide (2015)

WATCHMEN - Nowhere To Hide (2015) full

British label ZRock Records has reissued the self-titled album by WATCHMEN some weeks ago (featured here on the blog) and now are presenting with the band’s second effort “Nowhere To Hide“.
Watchmen hails from Argentina, South America, and despite of not being the most fertile land for this brand of melodious Hard Rock, I assure you these guys rock on par with the best.

Watchmen style has been described as a mix of Whitesnake, Badlands and Burning Rain, and although most the songs on offer here don’t sound as bluesy as the material from these bands, I can easily understand where the comparisons come from: lead vocalist Ivan Sencion.
He’s in possession of a strong voice not that far away from Ray Gillen, Keith St. John and / or David Coverdale, but the guy adds his own touch and despite his native language is Spanish, there’s not accent at sight.
Apart from the great singer, Watchmen are a combo of superb musicians; love the rhythm section, the very well placed keyboards and special mention has to go to guitarist Emmanuel Lopez, a guy who can play some serious licks.

WATCHMEN - Nowhere To Hide (2015) inside

On “Nowhere To Hide”, Watchmen have evolved to a much more Melodic Hard Rock style, still retaining the sharp riffs but aiming for catchiness than the hard rock groove from the first album.
There’s a Mr. Big feel on many songs, also akin Spanish greats Guru.
It’s a varied record opening with ‘The Gathering’ and its Eastern melodies, followed by “One”, a guitar driver hard rocker much like in the band’s debut album.
Title track ‘Nowhere To Hide’ is one of the highlights, a bright melodic rock tune with a mid-tempo pace especially designed for Ivan Sencion’s vocals to shine. Is this guy the love child of David Coverdale?

If you need some pulsating AOR, Watchmen deliver in “Lonely Rider” another highlight, or if you prefer, the strong and at the same time emotive ballad “I’ll Be Allright”.
As said it’s a varied album, and they provide balance with great rockers like “Adrenaline” (title says all), the intense & melodious “Dreamworld”, the kicking “Solstice In Black” or “Holy Ground” and its mysterious keyboards.
More variation arrives with album closer “In The End”, a dreamy little acoustic number which sounds like an end titles movie soundtrack, really inspired.

There’s a couple of extra songs listed as bonus tracks: a cover of the bombastic ’80s cult classic “Far From Over”, made famous by Frank Stallone for the ’83 Stayin’ Alive movie. I really like Watchmen’s take on this one, showing their versatility.
The other song is sung in Spanish, “Tiempos Violentos” (Raging Times) composed for the Radio Rock show of the same name. It’s a galloping hard rocker with stong guitars and blasting rhythm section.

WATCHMEN - Nowhere To Hide (2015) back

With “Nowhere To Hide” Watchmen confirm their talent to compose some awesome Melodic Hard Rock songs, rich in melodies, terrific vocal parts and kick ass instrumentation.
This second album is more varied than the first, blending its potent hard rock grooves with superb melodic hard / AOR melodies influenced by classic acts of the genre from both sides of the Atlantic ocean.
There’s no boundaries in music: these guys may come from the most southernmost country of the planet, but they sound as good as the best exponents from the genre.
Seriously, Watchmen are excellent, you need to check these guys immediately.


01 – The Gathering
02 – One
03 – Nowhere To Hide
04 – Adrenaline
05 – Lonely Rider
06 – Holy Ground
07 – I’ll Be Allright
08 – Dreamworld
09 – Solstice In Black
10 – In The End
11 – Far From Over [Ltd Edition Bonus Track]
12 – Tiempos Violentos [Ltd Edition Bonus Track]

Ivan Sencion – lead vocals
Emmanuel Lopez – guitars
Sebastian Igino – bass, backing vocals
Leonardo Palmieri – keyboards
Alan Fritzier – drums, backing vocals



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