KROKUS – Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)

KROKUS - Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust) (2014) full

You almost could say; spring time, KROKUS time. The Swiss legendary hard rockers released this “Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)” some time ago, and now has become pretty hard to find, at least in America.
After the release of their latest and celebrated album Dirty Dynamite, Krokus went on tour for promoting. One of these gigs was captured and “Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)” is the result.

A view on the tracklist shows that the set was focusing on newer material like the awesome “Hoodoo Woman” and tracks from the last album (e.g. “Hallelujah Rock’n’Roll”).
Next to those Krokus played the old classics like “Screaming In The Night” from “Headhunter” – the best album the band ever released and a true classic – or the killer “Tokyo Nights”.
But also tunes like “American Woman” and the riff-smash “Bedside Radio” found their way on the setlist. “Long Stick Goes Boom”, one of the bands biggest successes gave the live record even the name.

KROKUS - Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust) (2014) back cover

The sound of the recording is very good with a lively warm and rocking sound. Marc Storace’s smoky vocals are still great and the guitars scream with bite.
All this gives a pure rock’n’roll feeling to “Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)”. It seems that overdubs have been used in a very limited way as all feels really live.
Additionally the CD seems to reflect the great atmosphere of the show in a good way.

Since this live album is only number 3 in the long history of the band it’s worth to go for it. Secondly is good to hear the new songs live. They gained punch compared to the studio releases (which have been good already).
All in all a live release which fits perfect into the spring time. Not only due to the name.
“Long Stick Goes Boom (Live From Da House Of Rust)” was not released on video, so get the CD and rock all night long.
Very Recommended.

01 – Long Stick Goes Boom
02 – Hallelujah Rock’n’roll
03 – Go Baby Go
04 – American Woman
05 – Tokyo Nights
06 – Fire
07 – Medley (Rock City-Better Than Sex-Dog Song)
08 – Screaming In The Night
09 – Hellraiser
10 – Bedside Radio
11 – Easy Rocker
12 – Heatstrokes
13 – Live For The Action
14 – Hoodoo Woman

Bass – Chris Von Rohr
Vocals – Marc Storace
Guitar – Fernando Von Arb, Mandy Meyer
Drums – Mark Kohler


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