EXTREME – Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown (2016)

EXTREME - Pornograffitti Live 25 / Metal Meltdown (2016) full

Last year marked the 25th anniversary of EXTREME‘s classic multi-platinum Grammy-nominated Pornograffitti, the definitive album of the band’s career. To celebrate the event, “Pornograffitti Live 25: Metal Meltdown” is the concert capturing the Boston band performing the album ‘Pornograffitti’ in its entirety recorded & filmed on May 30, 2015 at The Joint at the world famous Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

‘Pornograffitti’ is played through in order and the band sound as good as they did 25 years ago. Age is obviously not something that’s been unkind to the band as they have the energy of an act two decades younger.
Frontman Gary Cherone commented on the concert in the press release for the package, “It was a great thrill to perform ‘Pornograffitti’ in its entirety. Some of these songs were never played live before so we had to go back and relearn them for the tour.
The album was a watershed moment in the bands career… it’s when we came in to our own and it will always be special.”

The sound quality on “Pornograffitti Live 25: Metal Meltdown” is excellent with all instruments and vocals coming out pristine and clear. This is helped by Extreme’s musicians terrific onstage set-up sound gear, something that always characterized the band.
Darn, there’s few acts that sound so compact like Extreme does, even 25 years after their heyday.
Like many bands, Extreme have taken a break or two. Here’s hoping that this time they’re back for the long run.

01 – Decadence Dance (Live)
02 – Li’l Jack Horny (Live)
03 – When I’m President (Live)
04 – Get the Funk Out (Live)
05 – More Than Words (Live)
06 – Money (In God We Trust) (Live)
07 – It (‘s a Monster) (Live)
08 – Pornograffitti (Live)
09 – When I First Kissed You (Live)
10 – Suzi (Wants Her All Day What?) (Live)
11 – Flight of the Wounded Bumblebee (Live)
12 – He-Man Woman Hater (Live)
13 – Song For Love (Live)
14 – Hole Hearted (Live)

Gary Cherone – Vocals
Nuno Bettencourt – Guitars, Vocals
Pat Badger – Bass, Vocals
Kevin Figueiredo – Drums


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