JON STEVENS (Noiseworks / Dead Daisies) – Hold On (2017)

JON STEVENS  (Noiseworks / Dead Daisies) - Hold On (2017) full

JON STEVENS is recognized as one of the most talented rock musicians to emerge from Australia in recent memory. He has had phenomenal success as a solo artist, knocking Michael Jackson off the top of the charts in Australia, and as the lead singer of major rock acts, Noiseworks, INXS after the death of his friend Michael Hutchence, and recently hard rock super-group The Dead Daisies.
In 2016 he joined forces with legendary musician Dave Stewart (of Eurythmics fame) who co-wrote and produced the album Jon’s next album, Starlight, to be released soon.

“Hold On” is the first showcase from the association, and sounds awesomely. A classic powerhouse Jon Stevens rocker that captures the spirit of overcoming hardship and struggle. Directed by Jesse Davey, the video clip for “Hold On” was shot in just one day in the Mojave Desert, USA.
The rest of the tracks here are from Woman, the excellent last Stevens’ album which passed pretty unnoticed outside Australia as it was released by an independent label.
And what a great collection of songs it is.

These songs were recorded after Jon Stevens work with The Dead Daisies, and it shows: most are rocking, guitar-driven rockers.
‘Woman’ is inspired by Led Zeppelin but with Stevens unique vocals giving another dimension, while ‘Flesh ‘N’ Bone’ has a bluesy hard rock punch. ‘Peaches ‘N’ Pie’ is another favorite, definitely hard rock with a late Seventies feel and a killer guitar work courtesy of The Dead Daisies ex-bandmate David Lowy.

‘Supabad’ adds a touch of funk to its heavy guitars, and Stevens sings his heart out on this one. He has lost none of his higher register since his Noiseworks days and still can scream-sing without sounding contrived.

Then we have the more commercial side of the bunch; the melodic rocker ‘Catch You Falling’ will had you bopping in your seat and singing along to the chorus. The harmonies on this track are superb.
‘Passing By’ is the track that had me saying ‘that is the Jon Stevens distinctive vocal I love’. This is a contagious, ridiculously catchy midtempo melodic rock tune that decades ago would have been a hit for Noiseworks.
Then ‘Outer Space’ is more modern in sound, but the skeleton is pure poppy melodic rock. Closer ‘Save What is Left of Me’ is another highlight, an acoustically filled slow tune where Stevens vocals shine.

With his mojo fully intact, Jon Stevens stands virtually alone in the music scene, with a melodic vocal power that won him attention first as a teenager and now as a veteran singer and songwriter. Time has toughened his delivery while tapping into his emotional wellsprings more than ever before.
Seriously, this man is the tru’ ‘unadulterated’ rock singer, and if you loved the Dead Daisies recent albums and of course Noiseworks, you need hear these songs.
HIGHLY Recommended

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01 – Hold On
02 – Woman
03 – Catch You Falling
04 – Passing By
05 – Outer Space
06 – In Your House
07 – Flesh ‘N’ Bone
08 – The Chronic Symphonic
09 – Peaches ‘N’ Pie
10 – Supabad
11 – Save What Is Left of Me


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