WHITE TRASH STARS – Volume From The Outside (2017)

WHITE TRASH STARS - Volume From The Outside (2017) full

Volume From The Outside” is the debut from WHITE TRASH STARS, a band from New Jersey playing a kind of music and a lifestyle as if time had not passed and we’re stuck in 1987.
Yeah, White Trash Stars play US ’80s glammy hard rock, spiced with a modern sound but high in timeless melodies.

White Trash Stars’ members sport names such as Caz F (vox) or Ray Ray D (guitar) and that’s not only the ’80s Sunset Strip reference. Despite hailing from New Jersey – and there was an effervescent sleazy scene thirty years ago as well – White Trash Stars sound very Californian.

All White Trash Stars member looks are very similar to Motley Crue circa 1987, Caz F vocals are very Vince Neil-like … and musically they sound a lot like Motley Crue too.
Add some easy KISS melodies, some Killer Dwarf riffs, and a pinch of light post-punk attitude (ala early Motley Crue too, the Americanized Hainoi Rocks), and you have what “Volume From The Outside” is all about.

However, White Trash Stars are not a cheap imitation for sure. They have that ‘something’ in their style which make them interesting by their own.
Additonally, they write very good songs in this genre, play nasty (but very clean and polished) and all this wrapped by a strong production (you can actually hear the bass all over) for an indie, self-managed release.

Regarding ’80s US sleazy hard rock, there’s not a weak track in this album.
Song like ‘Are You Ready’ (complete with gang backing vocals and cowbell), the slightly Guns N’ Roses like ‘Run Away’, and the more arena oriented ‘Alive at Last’ are the first 3 three rockers.

‘Come Clean’ adds a very melodic refrain / chorus akin Motley Dr. Feelgood era, the more melodic rock oriented ‘Come And Get It’ reminds me of a Hardcore Superstar song,
while ‘It’s OK’ has a lot of Ugly Kid Joe on it.
As bonus there’s two tracks recorded two years ago, ‘Trip’ and ‘Wake To Zombies’, more raw, unpolished, and a true showcase for the band’s evolution to this 2017.

WHITE TRASH STARS - Volume From The Outside (2017) inside

White Trash Stars are much better than ‘just another indie band doing an ’80s revival’.
The band play at the US East club circuit only, but if some management / record label pick up them I think they have the potential for bigger things.
The key in “Volume From The Outside” is its freshness and uncompromised delivery, and of course the catchy songwriting, solid musicianship and fine production.
VERY Recommended

01 – Are You Ready
02 – Run Away
03 – Alive at Last
04 – Come Clean
05 – Come and Get It
06 – It’s Ok
07 – Trip
08 – Wake To Zombies

Vox – Caz F
Guitars – Ray Ray D
Bottom End Stylins – Mal Hyde
Stix & Skins – E-Money

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