Brian VOLLMER (Helix) – Get Yer Hands Dirty (2017)

Brian VOLLMER - Get Yer Hands Dirty (2017) full

Brian VOLLMER, frontman for Canadian legend Helix will release next October 6th his second solo effort “Get Yer Hands Dirty” both on CD and vinyl LP.
Mastered by Harry Hess (Harem Scarem) and produced by Juno award winning Gavin Brown (who also played drums) the recording includes Sean Kelly on guitar (Alan Frew, Honeymoon Suite), Matt Weidinger (Lee Aaron) on keyboards, and Daryl Gray (Helix) on bass & background vocals.
On the title track ‘Get Yer Hands Dirty’, Danko Jones shares lead vocals with Brian Vollmer.

There are 7 covers and 2 originals on this disc.
We have already presented in one of our Advanced Releases sampler one of the originals, the title track ‘Get Yer Hands Dirty’ featuring Danko Jones sharing lead vocals with Brian Vollmer. it’s arocking tune with a feel good vibe not far from the current Helix sound.

However, this is not a Helix album. The overall sound is much more “blues-rock” than “Helix metal”.
I really like the honky-tonk rhythm of ‘Buff’s Bar Blues’ (an Alex Harvey cover), and the soulful Vollmer vocal performance on ‘If You Need Me’ (made famous by Wilson Pickett).

But don’t worry, Vollmer rocks here most the time.
There’s a pretty killer version of Rose Tattoo’s ‘Rock n’ Roll Outlaw’ re-worked here as a dirty bluesy rocker, I love the Hammond B3 fueled version of Terry Reid’s ‘Superlungs’, while ‘Oh Well’ (Fleetwood Mac & Peter Greene) rocks with a ’70s spirit.

We have more fun with ‘Gudbye t’ Jane’ (Slade), and the classic rock, uptempo arrangement of ‘Rock n’ Roll / Don’t Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll’ (Velvet Underground / Long John Baldry).

Brian VOLLMER - Get Yer Hands Dirty (2017) back

“Get Yer Hands Dirty” is a very cool record from Vollmer which still has his pipes intact, and here delivers some material that for sure makes part of his formative years, done with passion and from the heart.
Classic Rock stuff for the soul, well done.
Two thumbs up.

01 – Buff’s Bar Blues
02 – Rock and Roll Outlaw
03 – If You Need Me
04 – When the Bitter’s Got the Better of You
05 – Superlungs
06 – Rock and Roll / Don’t Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie…
07 – Gudbye to Jane
08 – Oh Well
09 – Get Yer Hands Dirty

Brian Vollmer (Helix) – Vocals
Sean Kelly (Alan Frew / Honeymoon Suite) – Guitars
Matt Weidinger (Lee Aaron) – Keyboards
Daryl Gray (Helix) – Bass, background vocals
Gavin Brown – Drums
Cheryl Lescom – Background vocals
Danko Jones – guest Vocals


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