DEMON – Heart Of Our Time [remastered +2]

DEMON - Heart Of Our Time [remastered +2] full

Founded at the end of the seventies, DEMON growth from being just another NWOBHM act into one of the most musically interesting and socially aware rock bands of their age.
After four successful albums blending metal with progressive overtones, guitarist & composer Mal Spooner – one of the creative forces of the band – sadly passed away.

Demon decided to continue as a band, and their album “Heart Of Our Time” featured singer Dave Hill now forging a new songwriting partnership with keysman Steve Watts, and guitarist Andy Waterhouse suddenly founding himself as main six-string axeman.
This is a great ’80s album, deservedly remastered plus 2 bonus tracks.

Musically, “Heart Of Our Time” shows a band going through changes and exploring new territories: the uprising UK Melodic Hard Rock / AOR movement from the mid-Eighties.
Definitely the most commercial album of all their catalogue and my favorite from this group.

Some tracks still retain the slightly progressive sounds from the previous works, but the overall approach is decidedly ’80s, as heard on the radio friendly AOR of title track “Heart Of Our Time” to the beautiful heartfelt ballad “Expressing The Heart”.
“In Your Own Light” is a catchy midtempo melodic rocker with ‘that’ drum sound and uplifting lyrics about helping others no matter what their race or class.

“Genius” is a brilliant proggy AOR tune with a dry bass line driving the song in a very modern way for Demon’s standards, while “Expressing The Heart” is a real stand out track, a slow and powerful song where Dave Hill display some vocal gymnastics that is spine tingling to hear.

DEMON - Heart Of Our Time [remastered +2] back

“Heart Of Our Time” is a hidden little gem from the mid-’80s UK scene, definitely Melodic Rock oriented but with that ‘strong vibe’ heard, as example, in the initial Phenomena project.
Re-released by a British label with a couple of bonus tracks, “Heart Of Our Time” sounds better than ever.
Highly Recommended

01 – Heart of Our Time
02 – In Your Own Light
03 – Genius
04 – Expressing The Heart
05 – High Climber
06 – Crossfire
07 – Grown Up
08 – Summit
09 – One Small Step
10 – Hyperactive
11 – Dance of Life

Dave Hill – Vocals, Effects
Steve Watts – Synths, Keyboards
John Waterhouse – Guitars
Gavin Sutherland – Bass
John Wright – Drums, Percussion


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