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We have been following here the evolution of Swedes LIPZ with their single releases, and now the full length debut from the guys titled “Scaryman” will be released tomorrow, June 1st.
Pushed by their record label as ‘the new wave of hair metal’, Lipz indeed take all the elements from the ’80s Sunset Strip glory days, from the music to the image, but musically are much more than that.

Yeah, it’s fun, almost ridiculous to see that bag of hairspray and lipstick again, but LIPZ are much more than an image of yesteryear. Sure, musically is all about anthemic choruses and party-ready easy melodies, yet well done and really entertaining.
While LIPZ foundation are indeed hair metal, glam, and a pinch of sleaze, the album is not a mere recreation of the ’80s like, let’s say, Steel Panther.

As said, Lipz take all the elements from the ’80s Sunset Strip glory days, but in terms of sound, they are pretty modern. Take as example title track ‘Scaryman’; it has more in common to Reckless Love than Poison. It’s more 2000’s melodic rock than 1980’s hair metal.
Same with second track ‘Star’, where the chorus is typically ’80s but the song structure includes some electronics, and the song skeleton bring to mind Crazy Lixx.

Additionally, LIPZ arrangements and playing is clean and polished, forget the sleazy ‘dirt’ factor, the album is crystal clear melodic rock of the new Century. Just check ‘Get Up On the Stage’.
‘Fight’ is contagious, ‘Falling Away’ even adds an AORish touch, and ‘Trouble in Paradise’ confirms that LIPZ are modern sounding, akin the more melodic side of Hardcore Superstar.

Perhaps the only true ‘hair metal of the ’80s’ song on the album is the single / promotional video ‘Get It On’, but even here – musically speaking – the glam / sleazy it’s reduced to the minimum.

LIPZ full length debut “Scaryman” is a very enjoyable, entertaining slice of current melodic rock spiced with classic hair metal choruses. Don’t be fooled by the band’s image and the supposed sleazy orientation due their band name with a ‘z’.
In the end, is all about having a good time, and “Scaryman” delivers. Very good, polished melodious production round up the Swedes first LP, and I hope the guys reach a wide audience with it.
Highly Recommended

01 – The Awakening
02 – Scaryman
03 – Star
04 – Get up on the Stage
05 – Fight
06 – Get It On
07 – Falling Away
08 – Tick Tock
09 – Trouble in Paradise
10 – Everytime I Close My Eyes [Bonus Track]
11 – Forever [Bonus Track]
12 – Ghost Town [Bonus Track]

Alex K – Lead vocals, guitar
Conny S – guitar, backing vocals
Arno S – Bass, backing vocals
Koffe K – drums


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